Hoping for Snow

February 2, 2010 at 12:44 pm (Daily Ramblings, Movie Review)

Usually in the winter in upstate New York we receive a decent amount of snow. This year has been a total flop! I LOVE SNOW and I LOVE WINTER (I know I will receive flogging for those statements) so to have less then a foot of snow, and to be able to see the grass pretty much the entire winter so far is such a drag for me! They are saying snow may be on the horizon for tonight into tomorrow for my area!! I am so excited…but then again I shouldn’t be because everytime that weather man says there will be snow we don’t get anything! I will have to keep my hopes low and then maybe just maybe I will see some accumulation!

In other news for Blond Duck I did watch Inglorious Bastards awhile back so here is the review:

This movie, while hilarious in a demented way is not for the faint of heart. If you aren’t into guns killing people or people killing people for that matter then you should probably explore other avenues of entertainment for your evening (or snow day if you are so lucky). The cast is funny and includes some new talent who play New York/New Jersey soldiers and at some point in the movie they try to act German and French and it just cracks me up! In this movie they kill Hitler so it does have some vengeance at the end!

Any other ideas for movies are more then welcome! Although I must tell you I will be at Dear John first thing Saturday morning without fail!


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Movie Review/Update

December 1, 2009 at 10:34 am (Dinner at My House, Family, Movie Review)

Ok so here is a movie review for you:

G.I. Joe:
OH LORDY I love me some Channing Tatum, which I have to inform you is one of the main reasons I wanted to see this movie! And his absolutely gorgeousness does not disappoint me in this movie! I have to admit that the graphics are awesome and the overall point of the movie is kind of cool. This marine can save my life anyday! It starts out with the Marine’s doing a mission to bring a nuclear weapon somewhere and keeping it safe, then they run across the Joe’s who keep the weapon safe but have bad guys on their tail. Channing and his friend join the G.I. Joe team and help to save the world!! Anyway I loved this movie, and it is worth renting at full price!

The Box:
Unbelivably disappointing! I honestly can’t remember who the lead actor was and this movie was so uninspiring I don’t want to waste my time to google who he is! It is set back in like the 70’s and is all about having to decide to kill someone you don’t know for a million dollars! The ending is the best part when you finally get to see how they decide who dies if indeed the button is pushed! Please don’t waste your time on this, if you want to see it wait until it is in a cheap theater for $2 or in your video store for cheap!

I’m sure you’ve noticed my Christmas theme, I haven’t found anyone that does wordpress designs for cheap as of yet so I will stick with this simple pre-made free one on WordPress.com! My Thanksgiving was awesome! We had Tees-Brog(I’m not sure this is how it’s spelled), Pumpkin Pie, Pecan Pie, Mel and I brought two cheescakes (blueberry and banana cream), we had apple slices, and fruit salad for dessert! Blond Duck was dying to know what I ate for dessert! I hope everyone’s Turkey Day was grand and full of AWESOME food!!

Any movies you want me to review? Let me know!

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Before I stuff my face…

November 24, 2009 at 10:08 am (Daily Ramblings, Family, Movie Review, Road Rage!)

In answer to Blond Duck there will be a multitude of pies/cheescakes for Thanksgiving and I shall give a full report upon my return!!

Before I get to stuff my face eat like a lady this Thanksgiving I have to drive 12-14 hours and then help make the food. Even with the horrible amount of time we will be spending in our Trailblazer I am so unbelievably excited to go and get to spend a couple of days with the Fam!! And God willing we will be able to show Mel some parts of Chi-Town on Friday!!

This week at work is unbearably (sp?) slow! Everyone I email or do business with is out and won’t be back until Monday, and everything here is so quiet that I sometimes feel like screaming. You’ll be happy to know that I am to much of a lady to scream in my place of employment, but the moment I’m in my car I start screaming at all of the people who just plain do not know how to drive!

I used to do Movie Reviews, back in the day (like a few months ago) on here and I want to get back to that. This past weekend we were crazy and saw New Moon, but it was worth it. I loved the books and the movies are never as good as the books, but it was still a good movie. And I saw GI Joe, My Sister’s Keeper, and The Box (please do not waste your time on this). I know I’ve seen a few others that I can’t remember at this point. I will be starting up reviews after the Holidays!! So if you have an idea of a movie that is out on video or in the theaters that you can’t go see or want a review of let me know and I will do my best to watch it and give you the professional my critique! Although I must warn you I do believe in including the hottness of all male roles in each movie :)!!

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Movie Review(s)

July 6, 2009 at 10:53 am (Movie Review)

Revolutionary Road: This movie was just “ok” for me! I really was looking forward to it, because it was such a hit on the red carpet and me being naive thought that meant it was going to be great! It was up and down and the ending didn’t make much sense to me. This is not a very good review, but I didn’t like the movie.

Knowing- I have to admit I was against this movie from the beginning. Nicholas Cage was actually good in this movie and it depicted a recently widowed/divorced dad with a son who received a crazy message/prediction from the future at school. When all these numbers start adding up to the worlds demise Nicholas Cage starts going crazy and trying to figure out what it all means. This movie is more for sci-fi lovers, I think, because the story-line had me going and I loved the movie UNTIL human-like aliens came into the picture!!

Stay tuned for my LONG weekend wrap-up, I know your dying for it!

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Not Really a Movie Review

July 1, 2009 at 9:46 am (Daily Ramblings, Gotta Love Men!, Movie Review)

I am a million percent addicted to this movie:


M. and I went to see this movie AGAIN in IMAX on Sunday!! If you’ve never been to and IMAX showing of a movie I suggest you do so immediately, it will change your life!! Even though only some parts of the movie were in complete IMAX it was still addiciting, and now I want to go AGAIN to the drive-in this weekend. I thought M. would be dragging me to all of this stuff but I am so completely addicted that I talk to M. about things I never thought would come out of my mouth.

“NOOOO He can’t die, he makes the movie”
“I didn’t see those decepticons the first time!!”
“WOW, I love that corvette, it makes me happy in my pants!”

So I bow to M. and tell him that I am addicted and he is absolutely ecstatic because well now we can enjoy this together!

On another note, this week is kind of going by at a decent speed! I have Friday off and so does M. so I am completely jumping up for joy!! Our big trip to my sister’s wedding in Nebraska is in 3 1/2 weeks, that is awesome and I can’t wait to travel home (even though we are driving, blah!). It’s the end of the month at work so things are a little busy, I’ve found some cool new blogs and I want to do my bucket list like Undomestic Diva did, but I can’t seem to find the time right now!

It’s good ol’ Hump Day! One more day for me until the weekend!

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Weekend Wrap-Up

June 29, 2009 at 1:40 pm (Daily Ramblings, Gotta Love Men!, Movie Review, Thought of the Day)

WOW I am finally doing a weekend wrap-up closer to the weekend then farther away this week!

Friday: Friday was a decent day of work, I had stuff to do so I didn’t sit around staring at the clock all day! But then the commute hit me…and the parts that are normally rough were easy. I got one town away and every road (back road or normal route) was effin closed. I got off the highway (which was completely stopped) at 6:30 and didn’t get home until 7:30 when it usually takes me 20 minutes after I get off the highway to get home! Anyway, I got home M. and I headed back out after I changed for our anniversary dinner! We have been together 4 years! AND he sent me 18 long stem beautiful roses at work!! Anywho…we finished dinner and headed home and we were both exhausted by about 10:30-11 and we headed to bed.

Saturday: Kind of a bum day, we ran errunds, hung around and then M. asked if he could help his friend re-build his engine. I said fine, reluctantly, and he said only 2 hours. Now any women who dates a mechanic/car-guy/technician/engine re-builder can tell you when you are told a time you always add about 30-60 minutes on to the total time. I agreed he could go, I cleaned and settled in to read my new book by Emily Giffin “Something Borowed.” I called 3 hours later:

“Hey, are you almost done?”


“Because it’s almost 7”

“Oh shit, my bad, we are almost wrapping up here I’ll be home in like 10-20 minutes and then we’ll grab pizza.”

“Ok, see you then, love you bye.”

“Love you bye.”

AN HOUR AND A HALF LATER he calls me and says he is on the way and if the pizza place is fine to grab dinner I said “Fine” he said he would pick me up in the driveway. He showed up with his friend driving behind him to go get pizza. M. knew instantly I was pissed because he was gone 4 1/2 hours when he said 2 and I CALLED him after 3! Anyway we got through dinner and I was eventually over it by the end of the night. We made plans with his friend and his friends girlfriend to go the IMAX showing of Transformers the next day and we went home to relax.

Sunday: We left at 11 to go the IMAX movie that is about an hour and 15 minutes away from our house and we picked up our friends and we got to see Transformers in IMAX!!! OMG it was freaking awesome. I am so addicted to this movie now it’s not even funny! Thanks to M.! We had Cold Stone Ice Cream, best ice cream ever, and then we shopped a little bit and then headed home. We got home around 7:30 or so, M.’s back was in bad shape so he lounged on the couch and we watched Extreme Home Makeover (I cried) and then we scooted off to bed!

Here we are only effing Monday, but at least I have Friday off!!

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Movie Review (Transformers)!

June 25, 2009 at 9:38 am (Movie Review)

Ok so here we go…a new release and I’m reviewing it!! I’m so hip and cool!


Transformers Revenge of the Fallen: Shia Lebouf and Megan Fox are absolutely mesmerizing on the big screen!

t1They real you in with their up-to-date love/drama starting college relationship! Sam (Shia) is trying to start college without the “curse” of robotic aliens attached to him so he tells Bumblebee (2010 Camaro HOTT!!!) that he needs to go to college alone.


All the while more and more strange things start happening when Sam finds a little shard of the All Spark, cube thingy, in his old clothes. Eventually Sam is called on to fight this battle, which he believes (at first) is not his battle to fight. The stupdi government guy starts to turn his back on the Autobots, but eventually they come to save the day as per usual!! I LOVED this movie, it had enough of the love/drama stuff to sustain me, but just enough action to thrill me!! Truly a remarkable movie!

Although I, personally, could have waited until the weekend to see it, we had fun going on opening day and the thrill of seeing it first with a bunch of other people was exhilerating (sp?)! I recommend seeing this movie ASAP if you are a fan of the first one it will definitely NOT disapoint!

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Movie Review!

June 21, 2009 at 2:31 pm (Movie Review)

Usually I don’t post on the weekends, but I’m having a relaxing morning surfing the net so I thought I would post the movie review of Confessions of  a Shopaholic while it is fresh in my memory!

Confessions of a Shopaholic: Rebecca Bloomwood, Isla Fisher, is a journalist for a magazine she has no desire to write for but it is a means to her addiction of shopping. In the beginning of the movie we find out that Rebecca has around $16,000 dollars worth of debt and a creditor named Derek Smeath is maliciously trying to get in contact with her for payment! The magazine she works for goes under and she gets a job at a financial magazine giving advice on financial planning?! Crazy, considering her life, financially, is HORRIBLE! Eventually everything comes out in a dramatic fashion, and she eventually gets back at the loser collector Derek Smeath and falls in love! Overall this movie was cute and true in a lot of ways for a lot of women in the world! A chick flick that M. could NOT sit through, so definitely a girls night out type of movie!

Any ideas on movies that you would like for me to review, please let me know, I’m all about pleasing my readers!!

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Long Awaited…Movie Review!

June 15, 2009 at 2:09 pm (Movie Review)

Alright we went to see The Taking of Pelham 123 last night in a really comfortable theater, so I am going to review that and Betime Stories!

The Taking of Pelham 123:

Denzel Washington and John Travolta are two very interesting characters. Denzel is a quick witted humble hard-working man at the control center for the NYC MTA. John is, what seams, a hard-laced criminal with nothing but tatoos and a foul mouth. As the two start to communicate you realize the dynamic in their relationship and wonder if Denzel shouldn’t switch to the bad-side! This was a true thriller and had some hear-stopping moments with the hostages! I recommend going to see this in the theater or waiting until it comes out on video…although it is the first movie Travolta has made since the tragic passing of his son!

Bedtime Stories:

This movie was, obviously, funny. Adam Sandler never dissapoints (at least me) in that department. As the story goes on and Sandler realizes who controls the story he lets the children choose his fate, quite literally. Some of the interesting touches are a “red ferrari” in fairytale land that is a BRIGHT RED HORSE!! The princess isn’t who Adam Sandler was expecting, but still the best women for him! You should rent this movie with the kids or by yourself, because that is what I did!

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Movie Review(s)

June 2, 2009 at 2:28 pm (Movie Review)

She’s Just Not That Into You:

Ok, I actually really liked this movie and got totally into it. I was skeptical to see it because I had heard about it being depressing and not all that it was cracked up to be. Well I believe it was all it was cracked up to be! I mean Jennifer Aniston, Ben Afleck (sp?), Drew Barrymore, and a bunch of other great stars, how could it suck? It was all about relationships and everything is intertwined and you have to pay attention. M. went away and did something else so when he came back and was all “who is that, why is she with him, is he married?” I was all “Damn it, you didn’t want to watch, no shut up!” So I think everyone will follow along fine as long as you watch it all the way through! Jennifer Aniston’s relationship was a bit predictable in the end, but still a great story! I would recommend seeing this by yourself or with other women, but not with men!

New in Town:

Renee Zellweger plays a corporate hot shot that has to re-vamp a factory in Minnesota. I found all of the stereotypes delightful, because I’ve lived very close to Minnesota and they are all true! She finds out how cold the actual state is but how warm and welcoming the people are! Eventually she meets someone and the story evolves from there…this was a bit typical but I mean what romance isn’t these days? I also would recommend seeing this alone or with other women, not so much a dickflick!

Stay tuned, you never know what I’m going to rent this weekend! If you want me to rent a movie and then review it, just tell me in the comments and I will do my best to review it next week!

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