Snowed in…

March 1, 2010 at 11:20 am (Daily Ramblings, Family, Gotta Love Men!)

To answer the question “what are kissing bells?” You know how people clank their utensils on glasses to make the bride and groom kiss? Well that annoys the bajeesus out of Mel so we are thinking about doing Kissing Bells, which are little bells that people ring if they want us to kiss!

I asked for snow…and I got it!! Boy did I get it! Wednesday night into Thursday we got around 8 inches (not too bad) couldn’t go into work…then Thursday into Friday we got 36 inches of snow!! AND our power went out! And we were told that power wouldn’t be restored until next Wednesday!  So we were stuck, thank goodness Mel’s boss has a plow because after an hour of shoveling we had maybe dug out 1/4 of what needed to be dug out! Then we all went to town and had breakfast…planning ahead and not knowing when we would be able to shower next! Our friend who lives in the same town came over to hang out with us because we have a propane heater…and her house had electric heat and she was a bit frozen. We were planning on gonig to a hotel…but ALL of the hotels in ALL of the surrounding areas were BOOKED SOLID! So we were going to rent a small generator…only one place had one left and we needed to get there by 5…it was 4:20! We rushed but couldn’t do it, then we borrowed a generator, but something was wrong with it so we only had about an hour and a half with that one. All this brings us to Friday night, we had the propane heater on until we went to bed (because of the fumes, we had to turn it off) when we woke up, we were both icicles and started working on a new generator. Mel’s dad (who is essentially our landlord) decided he needed to buy a generator, even if we got power back it’s good to have. We went to Home Depot, bought a generator, had a good friend wire it into our fuse box…and the whole house lit up!! I got to take a shower and all was right with the world…except NO CABLE! OMG I know, I have heat but no cable, whats the point? 🙂 We went out with friends to Red Robbin on Saturday night, and when we got home power was restored and so was cable. This is when I learned about Chile and the new devastation there. We had a good night of sleep, and then the cable was out again Sunday morning! BLAH! I went with a couple of girlfriends to register at Macy’s (SO MUCH FUN and I got a free tote bag!) And by the time Mel and I got home from laundary and our errands we had Cable!! All in all we had a crazy weekend, going non-stop trying to figure out how to heat our home so our pipes wouldn’t freeze and I forgot to mention, I had to melt snow on our propane stove to be able to flush the toilet! I was a semi-pioneer for a couple of days…and I survived!

Thanks to everyone who gave me advise about not stressing about the wedding, and honestly you are right. I should just enjoy every part of it because I only get to do it once!

Happy Monday everyone, I hope you all had a warm weekend!


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Wrapping it up!

January 11, 2010 at 12:19 pm (Daily Ramblings, Gotta Love Men!)

It seems a lot of people are undecided about the Kindle because who doesn’t love the idea of a fresh new book!! Thank goodness I am not alone! One thing that I love about it is that no matter where I am I can start a new book, if I hear about a book I can look it up on the spot and see how much it will cost and read the description! Also the books are all under $10 which is delightful!!

Anyway, I took a few pictures at New Year’s but I can’t post any of them because they are decidely too naughty or their are a ton of people in it and I don’t know if I have permission to post! I have one picture, that is the aftermath…


The only thing missing in this picture is the beer and Hypnotic! Anyway it was a crazy night!! We had a great time, and considering this is the one time per year Mel and I drink we went to town! (Also note that we had this party in a hotel so no one drove home or was even close to leaving the party drunk!!) I was sick all last week, so that is why it took me forever to post about the party!

I can’t believe it is 2010, and I am getting married in like 5 1/2 months! Time flys, thats for sure! Mel bought a new shirt, he thought it was funny:


I’m still not sure wether or not to laugh or cry about the shit eating grin he has on his face, because he was wearing it in public! The little things in life amuse him!

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I’m around…

October 29, 2009 at 12:55 pm (Daily Ramblings, Family, Gotta Love Men!, Thought of the Day)

I have been a sporadic poster lately and because I know I am SO very popular I feel bad that I’m not posting with my normal wonderfulness(I understand thats not a word). Thank you to everyone who gave me advice regarding my Thanksgiving debacle and support as well! I had a great weekend with my best-friend a couple of weekends ago! But I believe I’ve already bored you with those details! Anywho Mel and I still haven’t carved our pumpkins and it literally is driving me crazy! We were supposed to carve this past weekend and as usual Saturday we were crazy busy, Mel had to work and we had a ton of things to get done! Not to mention dinner with friends and much laughter! Sunday was a semi-lazy day but not really! LOL! At about 2:30 I said:

“Hey let’s carve pumpkins, we aren’t doing anything for a couple more hours!”

“No babe, I’m not in the mood”

“What, how are you not in the mood you are just laying there? And plus I got a great recipe for caramel pumpkin seeds”

“Nah, we’ll do it later, don’t worry”

“No, we won’t do it later, because you are going to help J. with his car and even though that is only a ’10 minute’ thing we both know you will be gone more like 2 hours and then you’ll have to go directly to M.’s house to fix his car and then we’ll get dinner and be too tired to carve”

“No, we’ll carve when we get back from J’s house ok?”

“Fine, but hear me buddy I know I will be right about this!”

So we ended up going to J.’s house and after figuring out what needed to be ordered for his car we bull-shitted(as my honey coins it) for wait for it…2 HOURS, good Lord I must be able to tell the future! Then M. called as we were still talking at J.’s house! Then we run home so I can grab a sweater and run to M.’s house. We stand around waiting to fix his car because he needs one bolt, then decide that said bolt needs to be ordered in the morning. We decide to go out to dinner and then after dinner M’s girlfriend (newest bridesmaid) came over to see my dress and wedding stuff. Then we invited J over because he lives down the road and he brought beer and his War pictures and videos! J. served in Japan and then Iraq and after seeing some of the pictures and footage I have a new respect for him, and I believe we are unbelivably lucky to live in the USA! Anyway we didn’t get to carve pumpkins and you know I was right and had to rub it in a bit! 🙂

We still have to carve pumpkins and they will be out for Halloween even though we don’t get trick-or-treaters! I’m not sure how this post got to be so long except I know I like to go off on tangents and I apologize! I hope everyone is having a great week and is going to have a great weekend!

Tell me, do you carve pumpkins like us?

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Traveling with the best of em’

August 7, 2009 at 10:39 am (Bitch, Bitch, Bitch, Daily Ramblings, Family, Gotta Love Men!, Road Rage!)

Alright, so here is my long awaited post about my vacation! If I was a professional at this I would have taken a TON of pictures, but I didn’t even take my camera out of the case I was so frickin busy! From the moment I got there to the Saturday before we left I was busy and a roller coaster of emotions! I cried when I hugged my dad when I first got there, I cried AFTER my sister got to the church in her dress and saw my dad (I dressed her and help her put on all her undergarments, but didn’t cry until AFTER all of that, wierd) it took me like 10 minutes to compose myself and another daddy hug! Then I had to try and pull it together for the pictures, and then cried again throughout the ceremony and almost tripped on the way up (in my defense almost ALL of the girls tripped, because we had one hand around the groomsmen arm and the other occupied with flowers so we couldn’t lift our dress on the way up to the platform). The ceremony was short and so was the reception (no alcohol or music as per her religious beliefs) people just ate and left! Then I finally got to spend time with my dad and family I hadn’t seen in 5 freaking years! Then Sunday we went out to brunch with my dad and step-mom and three step-brothers and then we left from Omaha, where you guessed it I cried again hugging my dad good-bye! Holy Crap who knew I could cry so much! And then of course I cried 6 hours into the trip because it finally hit me I was already headed home and my vacation was pretty much over! WOW did I just ramble with run-on sentences? Yep I think I did, it is what I DOOOO!!

Overall we had a great time and M. was a damn trooper putting up with everything! He said that we might move out to the midwest eventually, and that I shouldn’t count it out! YAY! I hope everyone has had a good week/weekend and I am slowly getting back into my routine of blog updating and stalking reading!

Thank God it’s Friday my head hurts from all the crying!

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What a night!

July 16, 2009 at 1:07 pm (Daily Ramblings, Family, Gotta Love Men!, Thought of the Day)

Last night M. and I went out on his bosses boat with his bosses wife and baby (sooo effing cute by the way) and we had a blast!!! We drove to the launching point and head off on a nice slow ride because the baby was with us, we circled around and took some pictures, I will post some when I get home from work, and then docked at a lake front restaurant/bar to grab a drink. After that M., his boss, and I got back on the boat to play around and so I could see what this boat was made of!! It’s got a 454 engine in it, which probably doesn’ t mean much to most people, just know this boat hauls serious ass! M. and his bosses cheeks were flying back like a cartoon! After I officially became obsessed with buying a boat we went back and docked and packed up and headed to Wendy’s. Now usually I lurve me some Wendy’s, I used to work at one and I usually only go a few times a year since we don’t live by one, but this one was HORRIBLE!! There was a group of men in front of us who barely spoke english (which wasn’t the bad part) who placed there order for no less then a metric ton of food to the cashier lady who looked like she had been working for 4 days in. a. row. with now break! It was horrible, no one knew what was going on and she walked so slow that my turtle would have whooped her slow behind all the way to china town! Anyway we stood in line at a FAST food restaurant for 35 minutes. The baby was being fed in the car and she got done faster then we got served!? Anywho, we ate then headed home and it was a fun time to be had by all!! I’m almost too excited that the weekend is almost here becuase we have to buy stuff for our vacation and…it’s only one more week and a couple of days before we leave!!! SWEET SUCKATASH I AM EXCITED!!

Almost Friday everyone buckle up and have an amazing weekend!

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Long Weekend Wrap-Up!

July 7, 2009 at 1:51 pm (Daily Ramblings, Gotta Love Men!, Thought of the Day)

Friday: YES FRIDAY WAS A DAY OF THE WEEKEND!!! M. and I ran some errunds and we got a bunch of stuff done and we decided to go to a beach with some friends. So I bought my cute beach bag for $10 and loaded it up with my iPod, book, towels, clothes, water, etc. Come to find out when we get there that you have to HIKE to get there! Now I don’t mind hiking, except I was expecting to LAY OUT and RELAX! So I was more then dissapointed. We just hiked to see the waterfall and headed home because it started to rain.

Saturday: 4th of July, we ran out to a bakery to get some goods for a BBQ with M.’s dad, M., and myself. Hung out for a little bit and then headed out to do the fireworks thing. We went with the same people we went with last year, if that makes sense. The only difference is because of the rains nobody could park near the park with fireworks so you had to park at a middle school and get effing BUSED in to the park. Nothing worse then trying to GET BACK on the bus to get back to your car with all the drunks so we had to walk 2 frickin miles to get back to our car!! M. and I were just absolutely turned off by this and so we collectively decided to go somewhere else next year. Not to mention some problems with the people we went with, but I’m not a catty women so I’m not going to gossip/discuss it, it is trivial.

Sunday: M. wanted to work on the Trailblazer and get it ready for our road trip to Nebraska at the end of the month. So I grabbed my book and went with him because he asked me to, and I can’t turn him down!! 😉 Then we came home and grabbed the cars, because it was the second nice day in a row, and we went to the car wash. Then we came home and he compounded his Camaro so now it’s all sexy again. I have a picture I’m going to post it later on after my dentist appointment. Overall we had a great weekend and it was awesome because M. was off at 4 on Thursday and I was off at 1 on Thursday so we had soooo much time together!!!

Michael Jackson’s funeral is today, sad. I know he is controversial at this point and either you love him or hate him. But this is MY blog and I loved him when I was growing up. I don’t agree with his life later on, but in the beginning I LOVED him and wanted to marry him!Whew, I am glad that is out in the open I can’t lie to y’all any longer!! I have a dentist appointment today, the second appointment of my 3 part root canal! I am so nervous, yet again, even though the first time was ok and the hardest part is over I am still getting the gas, I have to!

Tomorrow some time I am going to post about my sister and I, because she is getting married August 1 and I want to give you all a glimpse into my childhood/past!!

It’s Tuesday, I get to leave work in ten minutes so…only 3 more days till the weekend!!

Edited to add picture of M.’s clean Camaro!!


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Not Really a Movie Review

July 1, 2009 at 9:46 am (Daily Ramblings, Gotta Love Men!, Movie Review)

I am a million percent addicted to this movie:


M. and I went to see this movie AGAIN in IMAX on Sunday!! If you’ve never been to and IMAX showing of a movie I suggest you do so immediately, it will change your life!! Even though only some parts of the movie were in complete IMAX it was still addiciting, and now I want to go AGAIN to the drive-in this weekend. I thought M. would be dragging me to all of this stuff but I am so completely addicted that I talk to M. about things I never thought would come out of my mouth.

“NOOOO He can’t die, he makes the movie”
“I didn’t see those decepticons the first time!!”
“WOW, I love that corvette, it makes me happy in my pants!”

So I bow to M. and tell him that I am addicted and he is absolutely ecstatic because well now we can enjoy this together!

On another note, this week is kind of going by at a decent speed! I have Friday off and so does M. so I am completely jumping up for joy!! Our big trip to my sister’s wedding in Nebraska is in 3 1/2 weeks, that is awesome and I can’t wait to travel home (even though we are driving, blah!). It’s the end of the month at work so things are a little busy, I’ve found some cool new blogs and I want to do my bucket list like Undomestic Diva did, but I can’t seem to find the time right now!

It’s good ol’ Hump Day! One more day for me until the weekend!

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Weekend Wrap-Up

June 29, 2009 at 1:40 pm (Daily Ramblings, Gotta Love Men!, Movie Review, Thought of the Day)

WOW I am finally doing a weekend wrap-up closer to the weekend then farther away this week!

Friday: Friday was a decent day of work, I had stuff to do so I didn’t sit around staring at the clock all day! But then the commute hit me…and the parts that are normally rough were easy. I got one town away and every road (back road or normal route) was effin closed. I got off the highway (which was completely stopped) at 6:30 and didn’t get home until 7:30 when it usually takes me 20 minutes after I get off the highway to get home! Anyway, I got home M. and I headed back out after I changed for our anniversary dinner! We have been together 4 years! AND he sent me 18 long stem beautiful roses at work!! Anywho…we finished dinner and headed home and we were both exhausted by about 10:30-11 and we headed to bed.

Saturday: Kind of a bum day, we ran errunds, hung around and then M. asked if he could help his friend re-build his engine. I said fine, reluctantly, and he said only 2 hours. Now any women who dates a mechanic/car-guy/technician/engine re-builder can tell you when you are told a time you always add about 30-60 minutes on to the total time. I agreed he could go, I cleaned and settled in to read my new book by Emily Giffin “Something Borowed.” I called 3 hours later:

“Hey, are you almost done?”


“Because it’s almost 7”

“Oh shit, my bad, we are almost wrapping up here I’ll be home in like 10-20 minutes and then we’ll grab pizza.”

“Ok, see you then, love you bye.”

“Love you bye.”

AN HOUR AND A HALF LATER he calls me and says he is on the way and if the pizza place is fine to grab dinner I said “Fine” he said he would pick me up in the driveway. He showed up with his friend driving behind him to go get pizza. M. knew instantly I was pissed because he was gone 4 1/2 hours when he said 2 and I CALLED him after 3! Anyway we got through dinner and I was eventually over it by the end of the night. We made plans with his friend and his friends girlfriend to go the IMAX showing of Transformers the next day and we went home to relax.

Sunday: We left at 11 to go the IMAX movie that is about an hour and 15 minutes away from our house and we picked up our friends and we got to see Transformers in IMAX!!! OMG it was freaking awesome. I am so addicted to this movie now it’s not even funny! Thanks to M.! We had Cold Stone Ice Cream, best ice cream ever, and then we shopped a little bit and then headed home. We got home around 7:30 or so, M.’s back was in bad shape so he lounged on the couch and we watched Extreme Home Makeover (I cried) and then we scooted off to bed!

Here we are only effing Monday, but at least I have Friday off!!

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I love him!

June 26, 2009 at 3:33 pm (Daily Ramblings, Gotta Love Men!)

Today is M. and my 4 year anniversary! Exactly one year from today in 4 minutes we will be standing at the alter getting ready to say our “I Do’s.” I gave M. his cards (I always get him a funny one and a lovey-mush one) and some candy because he said he didn’t/couldn’t think of anything to ask for. So we both agreed cards would be ok this year since we are trying to save up for the not so cheap wedding! I come to work and I’m working on a few projects for my manager and my head is pounding and the lady at the front desk IM’s me and says “you have something up here” thinking it was my daily package from the bank I said “be there in a minute.” I go up about 10 minutes later after I’m at a stopping point in the project and there is a HUGE thing of roses FOR ME!! 18 long-stem roses and a beautiful glass vase, he is so sweet!! I never actually thought he would send me flowers at work, but he did and I love it!!



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Transformers or Bust!

June 24, 2009 at 11:17 am (Daily Ramblings, Gotta Love Men!)

Ok so since the first Transformers movie came up M. has been OBSESSED!! And I think by saying he is obsessed is too light of a term for how he acts when anything Transformers comes on the TV or in a store or anywhere for that matter! As it stands the second Transformer movie debuts today, so we are going with another coupl, M.’s boss, and another one of M.’s friends tonight at 8:15. This is a 2 1/2 hour movie folks, I mean 8:15 this is when I start to hunker down and make sure everything is set for me to dive into bed by 9:30 or 10 so I can be rested and beautiful at work! Unfortunately I probably won’t be going to bed before midnight tonight, which means less then 8 hours of sleep…(GASP) the horror of it all! I am doing this to support my honey, and I have to admit I like the movie, I’m just not as crazy about it as he is! So I will probably be posting a review tomorrow for anyone who cares!

I’m nervous now about getting good seats, and making sure all of the tickets I purchased (in three seperate orders I might add) on Fandango are ready and waiting for me at the big FANDANGO machine! Although I am starting to wonder if I’m getting to nervous, because it is still a school night and school is still in session around these parts! Hmm….who knows!

Anyone forced to see movies their hubbies or significant others just HAVE to see? I would love to hear your stories!

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