Snowed in…

March 1, 2010 at 11:20 am (Daily Ramblings, Family, Gotta Love Men!)

To answer the question “what are kissing bells?” You know how people clank their utensils on glasses to make the bride and groom kiss? Well that annoys the bajeesus out of Mel so we are thinking about doing Kissing Bells, which are little bells that people ring if they want us to kiss!

I asked for snow…and I got it!! Boy did I get it! Wednesday night into Thursday we got around 8 inches (not too bad) couldn’t go into work…then Thursday into Friday we got 36 inches of snow!! AND our power went out! And we were told that power wouldn’t be restored until next Wednesday!  So we were stuck, thank goodness Mel’s boss has a plow because after an hour of shoveling we had maybe dug out 1/4 of what needed to be dug out! Then we all went to town and had breakfast…planning ahead and not knowing when we would be able to shower next! Our friend who lives in the same town came over to hang out with us because we have a propane heater…and her house had electric heat and she was a bit frozen. We were planning on gonig to a hotel…but ALL of the hotels in ALL of the surrounding areas were BOOKED SOLID! So we were going to rent a small generator…only one place had one left and we needed to get there by 5…it was 4:20! We rushed but couldn’t do it, then we borrowed a generator, but something was wrong with it so we only had about an hour and a half with that one. All this brings us to Friday night, we had the propane heater on until we went to bed (because of the fumes, we had to turn it off) when we woke up, we were both icicles and started working on a new generator. Mel’s dad (who is essentially our landlord) decided he needed to buy a generator, even if we got power back it’s good to have. We went to Home Depot, bought a generator, had a good friend wire it into our fuse box…and the whole house lit up!! I got to take a shower and all was right with the world…except NO CABLE! OMG I know, I have heat but no cable, whats the point? 🙂 We went out with friends to Red Robbin on Saturday night, and when we got home power was restored and so was cable. This is when I learned about Chile and the new devastation there. We had a good night of sleep, and then the cable was out again Sunday morning! BLAH! I went with a couple of girlfriends to register at Macy’s (SO MUCH FUN and I got a free tote bag!) And by the time Mel and I got home from laundary and our errands we had Cable!! All in all we had a crazy weekend, going non-stop trying to figure out how to heat our home so our pipes wouldn’t freeze and I forgot to mention, I had to melt snow on our propane stove to be able to flush the toilet! I was a semi-pioneer for a couple of days…and I survived!

Thanks to everyone who gave me advise about not stressing about the wedding, and honestly you are right. I should just enjoy every part of it because I only get to do it once!

Happy Monday everyone, I hope you all had a warm weekend!



  1. Pooba said,

    Oh I see, kissing bells! How cute!

    NO CABLE! Gasp!

  2. Blond Duck said,

    Be careful what you wish for! 🙂

  3. Blond Duck said,

    I think we could all use a cookie!

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