February 24, 2010 at 2:29 pm (Daily Ramblings)

Alrighty…so I definitely thought I posted last week. Come to find out I haven’t posted in about 3 weeks! Yikes, I am all over the place. I am happy to report since then I have had a couple of snow days, and we are looking at a foot of snow coming in tonight and all day tomorrow (HAPPY DANCE!) I still haven’t seen Dear John (sorry) we haven’t had the time or the money to go see it :(. I am going this Sunday with a girlfriend to do another registry for the wedding…I would take Mel but he is all “Are we done yet?” and after 10 minutes “You are only allowed to scan one more thing, and thats it!” and then I’m all “SHUT UP this is like Christmas for me, jerk face!”

So to avoid this delightful conversation, I am going without him with a friend thats all “OOOOH…we have 5 more minutes to spare…look at those pans!” The wedding is coming up so frickin quickly I don’t know wether to laugh or to cry…or a mixture of both at the same time which would result in a really akward face. Only four months to go…I still have to order the guest book, champagne flutes, kissing bells (maybe), M&M’s for the favor boxes, passports, etc. I hope everyone is having a great February, because I haven’t been around to know, sorry!

Happy Hump Day!!



  1. Pooba said,

    Kissing bells? What are those?

    Oh man, I wish I could get married again, I love planning weddings!

  2. Blond Duck said,

    When is your wedding?

  3. Kristin said,

    Deep breath. You’ll get it all done and it will be the best day of your life!

  4. Tiffany said,

    As for the wedding, just keep breathing and do not panic! Make sure you enjoy it!

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