Wrapping it up!

January 11, 2010 at 12:19 pm (Daily Ramblings, Gotta Love Men!)

It seems a lot of people are undecided about the Kindle because who doesn’t love the idea of a fresh new book!! Thank goodness I am not alone! One thing that I love about it is that no matter where I am I can start a new book, if I hear about a book I can look it up on the spot and see how much it will cost and read the description! Also the books are all under $10 which is delightful!!

Anyway, I took a few pictures at New Year’s but I can’t post any of them because they are decidely too naughty or their are a ton of people in it and I don’t know if I have permission to post! I have one picture, that is the aftermath…


The only thing missing in this picture is the beer and Hypnotic! Anyway it was a crazy night!! We had a great time, and considering this is the one time per year Mel and I drink we went to town! (Also note that we had this party in a hotel so no one drove home or was even close to leaving the party drunk!!) I was sick all last week, so that is why it took me forever to post about the party!

I can’t believe it is 2010, and I am getting married in like 5 1/2 months! Time flys, thats for sure! Mel bought a new shirt, he thought it was funny:


I’m still not sure wether or not to laugh or cry about the shit eating grin he has on his face, because he was wearing it in public! The little things in life amuse him!



  1. Blond Duck said,

    It took me a few minutes to get that shirt! Nice new look on the blog!

  2. Pooba said,

    Hahaha! Luvin the shirt, took me a second to get it! By the looks of things, your New Years was way better than mine!

  3. Kristin said,

    Woop woop for scandalous NYEs and a soon to be wedding!

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