No White Christmas for me!

December 30, 2009 at 10:41 am (Daily Ramblings)

We had a great Christmas weekend! Mel and I relaxed and didn’t feel like we HAD to do anything which is a great feeling!! Mel got his PS3, some games, and a model of a V-8 Engine, and some CD’s. I got a Kindle!!! I am so excited..even though at first I was all “I love to smell and see the books, and turn the pages” But then that kind of started to get expensive and I would read the books way too quickly and then be off to buy more books, it was a vicious cycle that I can’t afford at the moment. So the Kindle is my best bet, they have FREE may I repeat FREE books, and the classics are like 25-75 cents delivered free and wirelessly!! Now don’t get me wrong I will be buying all of the books I read, eventually to have in my bookcase in my future home! I just can’t afford to buy the books as I continue to devour literature! I’ve had the Kindle 3 weeks, and I’ve already read 5 books! Two of which were old literature, Pride and Prejudice and Wuthering Heights! I still read regular books at home and when I’m relaxing before bed, but the Kindle is perfect for me in my commute and at my job at lunch or on breaks because it’s so thin and easy to transport and hide pull out at anytime!

New Years we are going to a hotel party with all of our friends! We get a party room and then two others with two double beds and then no one is driving home or not having a good time! Hopefully I will remember to take pictures! I hope everyone is gearing up for a great New Years!!

How did everyone’s Christmas go? I hope it was relaxing and full of fun times with family and friends!


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Christmas time!

December 24, 2009 at 11:26 am (Daily Ramblings)

I hope everyone is ready for Christmas tomorrow! I have to work today (Christmas Eve) which sucks pretty badly because everyone else is off. Our office is like a ghost town so I feel comfortable writing this without someone lurking over my shoulder! I’m excited to get home and finally start my Christmas “break” of ONE day! UGH! I miss college when we used to get like a month off, and even high school when we got close to two weeks off! Now in the “real” world I get maybe a day and a half if I’m lucky! But I am not going to dwell on the negative, I’m lucky to have a drop in this economy and I’m lucky to have a warm place to go home to with a loving fiance and my children (of course my pets!).

I bought Chevy and Izzie each something for Christmas and left it in the PetSmart bag and put it in our other room. Mel and I were watching TV on Sunday and we heard a rustling and some wierd noises so when we go to investigate we see Chevy has gotten into his Christmas gift, and eaten the feathers off of the plastic stocking it comes in! He tried to chew through the plastic to get to the toys inside! He is such a naughty cat, but too cute so we gave him a few toys and Mel is going to get him something else for tomorrow! Just one question, are we the only crazy couple who buys gifts for our pets and actually has a stocking for our Kitten and Turtle??

I hope everyone has a great Christmas!!

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Out of Commission

December 18, 2009 at 11:25 am (Daily Ramblings)

My home computer is out of commission as of right now. All I see when I start it is the blue screen of death. We took it to the Geek Squad considering we’ve only had it 6 months and because it is a software problem we have to pay $150 so thats not happening. Mel has a computer guy that we’ve used before that he knows through the shop he works at and he will do it for $75 so needless to say we are using him. And since I don’t have the artistic freedom to be able to post anything of substance at work I’m not going to be posting very often and if I post it’ll be short as I am constantly making sure no one is passing by my cubicle!! I hope everyone is having a great holiday season!!! Let me know what your plans are for Christmas so I can be jealous!?

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Snow Day!!

December 10, 2009 at 11:03 am (Daily Ramblings, Family, Thought of the Day)

Yesterday I had my first snow day of the season!! Below is a picture of this morning, when most of the snow was already gone:


So yesterday I spent the whole day watching Turner Classic Movies, with just me and the kitten,


I love old movies, and yesterday was all about Humphrey Bogart! Mel picked me up to go to his physical with him and we grabbed a romantic lunch McDonald’s and he inhaled it on the way back to work, and I took mine inside and ate all by my lonesome! I straightened up the house and had a nice relaxing day and just hung out! I love winter and I hope we get a ton more snow, it’s my favorite thing! 🙂

I have most of my Christmas shopping done, which is a blessing and am going to send it all out this weekend so it gets to everyone on time! We are cutting it close with Christmas cards this year, so those have to go out this weekend as well!

I forgot, I took a picture of the sunrise in Indiana on our way back from Illinois during Thanksgiving, it’s a beautiful picture but I didn’t enjoy it as I had been up since about 2:30 am and had about 8 more hours of driving!


We aren’t doing much for Christmas, except probably our new tradition of going to a movie! We went to a movie last year, I think it was Yes Man, and this year we will probably end up seeing one again! We don’t do anything except get up early open each others gifts and then we have a whole day of NOTHING! Last year we opened our presents a week early, because I swear I am still like 5 years old and can’t WAIT to open them. Mel gave in last year to my nagging, but this year he is more then determined to make me wait ! 😦 Oh well, I love the holiday season, I hope y’all are having a great Holiday season so far? Am I the only one that still is like a 5 year old for Christmas morning?

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Movie Review/Update

December 1, 2009 at 10:34 am (Dinner at My House, Family, Movie Review)

Ok so here is a movie review for you:

G.I. Joe:
OH LORDY I love me some Channing Tatum, which I have to inform you is one of the main reasons I wanted to see this movie! And his absolutely gorgeousness does not disappoint me in this movie! I have to admit that the graphics are awesome and the overall point of the movie is kind of cool. This marine can save my life anyday! It starts out with the Marine’s doing a mission to bring a nuclear weapon somewhere and keeping it safe, then they run across the Joe’s who keep the weapon safe but have bad guys on their tail. Channing and his friend join the G.I. Joe team and help to save the world!! Anyway I loved this movie, and it is worth renting at full price!

The Box:
Unbelivably disappointing! I honestly can’t remember who the lead actor was and this movie was so uninspiring I don’t want to waste my time to google who he is! It is set back in like the 70’s and is all about having to decide to kill someone you don’t know for a million dollars! The ending is the best part when you finally get to see how they decide who dies if indeed the button is pushed! Please don’t waste your time on this, if you want to see it wait until it is in a cheap theater for $2 or in your video store for cheap!

I’m sure you’ve noticed my Christmas theme, I haven’t found anyone that does wordpress designs for cheap as of yet so I will stick with this simple pre-made free one on! My Thanksgiving was awesome! We had Tees-Brog(I’m not sure this is how it’s spelled), Pumpkin Pie, Pecan Pie, Mel and I brought two cheescakes (blueberry and banana cream), we had apple slices, and fruit salad for dessert! Blond Duck was dying to know what I ate for dessert! I hope everyone’s Turkey Day was grand and full of AWESOME food!!

Any movies you want me to review? Let me know!

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