Thanksgiving is here….already!

November 16, 2009 at 10:35 am (Daily Ramblings)

Mel and I put up our Christmas tree last night at about 8:30 PM! I was exhausted by the time we were done so we will be decorating it tonight! I love, love, love opening my Christmas box and putting out the few decorations I do have, it’s like….for lack of a better term CHRISTMAS!! I love seeing all of the things I put out last year and forgot about, and putting them out and making our small apartment all festive! I can’t believe Thanksgiving is next week already! We usually don’t put our tree up until after Thanksgiving but we would both be too tired after all the traveling to Illinois to see my family! I am so excited to report that my sister and her husband (boy is it wierd to say that) are coming, and my cousin that I haven’t seen in 10 years and his son are coming, along with my aunt, my mom, my grandma, and other guests related to us!! I am so excited I can’t even explain it! I am sad for Mel, but from what it sounds like his Dad isn’t going to have much of a get together this year because he has been re-doing the living room and there is no seating, and all of the excess stuff is in the dining room. I still feel bad because I know how it felt that first year away from my Dad, so I will definitely be supportive for him!

We are going to order cheescake and bring a bottle of local wine, so GROWN UP we are it’s crazy!! Anyway that is my update, I’ve been crazy busy with life/work/wedding so I haven’t updated in awhile! What is everyone up to with their holiday decorations? Do you put them up now or later?



  1. Blond Duck said,

    I put mine up after Thanksgiving–usually, the morning the day after if I can wait!

  2. Kristin said,

    Jealous. I so want to put up ours! We’re waiting until next week. Boo!

  3. Pooba said,

    Already?! Sheesh, am I a slacker? I usually put mine up the first week in December.

  4. debbie said,

    Ooooh. Cheesecake and wine. I’ll be right over.

  5. Tiffany said,

    Cheesecake and wine?? Yummy!! I’d totally spend Thanksgiving with you for that 🙂

    We, surprise surprise put up our Christmas tree too! It’s a small, measly one that you can see through – but it was free and w/ trying to save money this year we decided we’d put up with it for one more year – well, I’D put up with it. R hate decorations and the like- but we still put it up. An definite improvement over last year when we had NO tree!

    God to hear you are doing well! I’ve missed you and missed blogging – you’re an inspiration 🙂

  6. Blond Duck said,

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  7. Blond Duck said,

    I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Are you having any pie?

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