All the little things!

October 8, 2009 at 11:35 am (All about the books baby!, Daily Ramblings, Dinner at My House)

Mel and I had a pretty great weekend! We got all of our errands done Saturday morning, because he didn’t have to work (praise Jesus!) and then we did laundary and went Pumpkin picking with two other couples! We had a blast picking out a pumpkin for Mel, myself, and one for our kids (you know the turtle and kitten!). We are going to carve them this weekend, I should have pictures of this and I will post them so you all can laugh at be jealous of my skills! We were going to go to the races on Sunday, but we bowed out at the last minute because we didn’t want to leave at the butt crack of dawn, and because we don’t like import car shows and thats exactly what this was!! Oh well we took the day and relaxed and had a nice day!

Well all nice things put aside, Mel and I are having a difficult time deciding what to do for Thanksgiving. I haven’t been with my Grandma on Thanksgiving since I moved to New York in May of 05′ and last year Mel promised me we would go to her this Thanksgiving (in Illinois). Now he is not sure he can not be with his dad this Thanksgiving, and I understand his point but it’s ONE year at my families table! JUST ONE! And we’ll be around for Christmas! He has never not been with his Dad on Thanksgiving, but I had to deal with my first Thanksgiving without my family for 4 years now, and it stinks! And the more appropriate argument he has is money, but I’m just sad about the idea of not going, so I don’t know how this one will turn out! He suggested splitting up, and I about took his head off! He proposed last year on Thanksgiving, so it’s our year anniversary of being engaged! And it’s our first Thanksgiving as an engaged couple, kind of corny but I don’t want to split up! I have no idea what we are going to do, and I am beginning to lose sleep over it! Anybody know of cheap flight tickets from Laguardia Airport to Ohare leaving Nov. 25th in the morning and coming back Nov. 29th in the mid-morning? I would be happy to hear of any ideas for cost saving ideas!!!??

Now it’s your turn to spill, what are you and yours doing for the holidays this year? Did you ever have to deal with deciding which family to go to? How did you resolve it?


  1. Blond Duck said,

    I was really sensitive to this subject, b/c when I was growing up we always did Thanksgiving, Christmas, spring break, summers, etc. at my grandfather’s ranch and rarely saw my mother’s family. So I told Ben when we got engaged I wanted to do thanksgiving with one family, Christmas with the other.

    Well. His mother decided Christmas was more important to her than Thanksgiving, so even though I offer on her T-years, we always have Thanksgiving at my parents and either see them before Christmas, then do the day of Christmas at my parents, or do my parents before Christmas and them the day of Christmas.

    I told them all the driving between Louisana and Texas would stop once we had kids!

  2. Pooba said,

    Luckily both of our parents live within an hour of eachother so we usually get to see everyone. We do however switch off Thanksgiving and Christmas. This year it’s my in-laws turn for Thanksgiving and my family’s turn for Christmas.

    Sorry, I’m no help, I suck.

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