October 2, 2009 at 11:01 am (Daily Ramblings)

I have been a very sporadic blogger as of late, I have been sick and a little lazy because I was sick. Mel and I are going to watch some races this weekend, hopefully if his back can take it, and pumpkin picking this weekend so I will at least have a better update next week! My blog design with Faith didn’t work out, because of stupid WordPress!! I’m going to look around for some good designers for WordPress so let me know if anyone knows someone awesome, but not too expensive! By the way, if you have blogger/blogspot and want an AWESOME design for a great price go and visit Faith here she is a great person and I’m sure this Blog would have been fabulous if stupid WordPress didn’t get in the way!

Happy Friday all!


  1. Pooba said,

    Stupid Word Press!!

  2. Blond Duck said,

    My designer may or may not be doing blogs anymore, but she’s great. Gisele Jacquend–she’s the first one under my featured creative women! And she’s great with WP!

  3. Blond Duck said,

    I wish I had a Miss Pickles too.

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