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October 29, 2009 at 12:55 pm (Daily Ramblings, Family, Gotta Love Men!, Thought of the Day)

I have been a sporadic poster lately and because I know I am SO very popular I feel bad that I’m not posting with my normal wonderfulness(I understand thats not a word). Thank you to everyone who gave me advice regarding my Thanksgiving debacle and support as well! I had a great weekend with my best-friend a couple of weekends ago! But I believe I’ve already bored you with those details! Anywho Mel and I still haven’t carved our pumpkins and it literally is driving me crazy! We were supposed to carve this past weekend and as usual Saturday we were crazy busy, Mel had to work and we had a ton of things to get done! Not to mention dinner with friends and much laughter! Sunday was a semi-lazy day but not really! LOL! At about 2:30 I said:

“Hey let’s carve pumpkins, we aren’t doing anything for a couple more hours!”

“No babe, I’m not in the mood”

“What, how are you not in the mood you are just laying there? And plus I got a great recipe for caramel pumpkin seeds”

“Nah, we’ll do it later, don’t worry”

“No, we won’t do it later, because you are going to help J. with his car and even though that is only a ’10 minute’ thing we both know you will be gone more like 2 hours and then you’ll have to go directly to M.’s house to fix his car and then we’ll get dinner and be too tired to carve”

“No, we’ll carve when we get back from J’s house ok?”

“Fine, but hear me buddy I know I will be right about this!”

So we ended up going to J.’s house and after figuring out what needed to be ordered for his car we bull-shitted(as my honey coins it) for wait for it…2 HOURS, good Lord I must be able to tell the future! Then M. called as we were still talking at J.’s house! Then we run home so I can grab a sweater and run to M.’s house. We stand around waiting to fix his car because he needs one bolt, then decide that said bolt needs to be ordered in the morning. We decide to go out to dinner and then after dinner M’s girlfriend (newest bridesmaid) came over to see my dress and wedding stuff. Then we invited J over because he lives down the road and he brought beer and his War pictures and videos! J. served in Japan and then Iraq and after seeing some of the pictures and footage I have a new respect for him, and I believe we are unbelivably lucky to live in the USA! Anyway we didn’t get to carve pumpkins and you know I was right and had to rub it in a bit! 🙂

We still have to carve pumpkins and they will be out for Halloween even though we don’t get trick-or-treaters! I’m not sure how this post got to be so long except I know I like to go off on tangents and I apologize! I hope everyone is having a great week and is going to have a great weekend!

Tell me, do you carve pumpkins like us?


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Houston We Have Reached a Decision!

October 20, 2009 at 3:35 pm (Daily Ramblings, Family)

So the long awaited decision is that we are going to Illinois, my grandma’s house for Thanksgiving!! I am so unbelievably excited that I can barely contain myself! I was having a tough morning dealing with the crazy stuff in my head about still not knowing what I want to do with my life and as I got to work Mel called me and told me he got the day off, which was iffy there for awhile!! YAY, I told my Grandma and my mom and they want my Menu! I haven’t been to my Grandma’s for Thanksgiving in at least 5-6 years! I CAN NOT WAIT!! Mel and I will drive on Wednesday, and then stay until Saturday and be back Saturday night hopefully! It’s like a 12 hour drive, but everyone that knows we drove to Nebraska knows that 12 hours is nothing! Plus airplane tickets are through the roof because of the holidays!

Otherwise not much has been going on, my best friend from college came down to stay with me this weekend and we had a blast! We got her bridesmaids dress, got our nails done, and went to lunch. Then Mel, my friend, and I plus two other couples went to a comedy club in our town and had a blast! Then on Sunday I took my friend to the Orange County Choppers store/shop so she could take pictures and get a shirt! I had a great weekend, I hope everyone is having a great week so far!

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Stand Still

October 12, 2009 at 10:52 am (Daily Ramblings, Family)

Alright so my last post described how we have no idea what we are doing for Thanksgiving this year. Everytime Mel and I decide to talk about it we just continue to go around in circles and we both end up upset or frustrated because we don’t know what to do. All in all whatever we decide to do I am going to be happy and thankful for the things in life that we do have. So many people this Thanksgiving don’t have homes, jobs, or even food and here I am bitching about where I will spend my holiday. Granted it is important to me, but as long as I am with Mel and either his family or mine I will consider myself blessed.

This past weekend we had a great time! Saturday we went to The Christmas Tree Store and the restaurant Red Robin and we had a blast with a couple of friends! The Christmas Tree Store is not Chritmas related, some of it is (because it’s almost Christmas) it’s like a Home Goods but CHEAPER!! OOOHH I fell in love and bought some of the little things I needed for around the kitchen that I couldn’t afford before!! GO ME! Then on Sunday I went to my very first wine tasting at a winery really close to our house. We went with Mel’s brother and his friend and we had an awesome time. We each bought two bottles of wine, we bought two Cayuga Whites (really sweet white wine) which me and my friend J. will be partaking in this weekend when she comes to visit!! It’s Columbus Day and hear I sit in my office with nothing to do because the banks are closed, and I am in Accounting so that means I have NOTHING to do! GRR!!

By the way thanks for the advice about the Holidays I appreciate it!! SO tell me what is everyone doing today for Columbus Day, are you working your poor sould to death like me? Or are you a lucky dog and can lounge in bed today?

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All the little things!

October 8, 2009 at 11:35 am (All about the books baby!, Daily Ramblings, Dinner at My House)

Mel and I had a pretty great weekend! We got all of our errands done Saturday morning, because he didn’t have to work (praise Jesus!) and then we did laundary and went Pumpkin picking with two other couples! We had a blast picking out a pumpkin for Mel, myself, and one for our kids (you know the turtle and kitten!). We are going to carve them this weekend, I should have pictures of this and I will post them so you all can laugh at be jealous of my skills! We were going to go to the races on Sunday, but we bowed out at the last minute because we didn’t want to leave at the butt crack of dawn, and because we don’t like import car shows and thats exactly what this was!! Oh well we took the day and relaxed and had a nice day!

Well all nice things put aside, Mel and I are having a difficult time deciding what to do for Thanksgiving. I haven’t been with my Grandma on Thanksgiving since I moved to New York in May of 05′ and last year Mel promised me we would go to her this Thanksgiving (in Illinois). Now he is not sure he can not be with his dad this Thanksgiving, and I understand his point but it’s ONE year at my families table! JUST ONE! And we’ll be around for Christmas! He has never not been with his Dad on Thanksgiving, but I had to deal with my first Thanksgiving without my family for 4 years now, and it stinks! And the more appropriate argument he has is money, but I’m just sad about the idea of not going, so I don’t know how this one will turn out! He suggested splitting up, and I about took his head off! He proposed last year on Thanksgiving, so it’s our year anniversary of being engaged! And it’s our first Thanksgiving as an engaged couple, kind of corny but I don’t want to split up! I have no idea what we are going to do, and I am beginning to lose sleep over it! Anybody know of cheap flight tickets from Laguardia Airport to Ohare leaving Nov. 25th in the morning and coming back Nov. 29th in the mid-morning? I would be happy to hear of any ideas for cost saving ideas!!!??

Now it’s your turn to spill, what are you and yours doing for the holidays this year? Did you ever have to deal with deciding which family to go to? How did you resolve it?

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October 2, 2009 at 11:01 am (Daily Ramblings)

I have been a very sporadic blogger as of late, I have been sick and a little lazy because I was sick. Mel and I are going to watch some races this weekend, hopefully if his back can take it, and pumpkin picking this weekend so I will at least have a better update next week! My blog design with Faith didn’t work out, because of stupid WordPress!! I’m going to look around for some good designers for WordPress so let me know if anyone knows someone awesome, but not too expensive! By the way, if you have blogger/blogspot and want an AWESOME design for a great price go and visit Faith here she is a great person and I’m sure this Blog would have been fabulous if stupid WordPress didn’t get in the way!

Happy Friday all!

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