September 17, 2009 at 2:38 pm (Thought of the Day)

What would posess someone to look for a job that is an hour and 20 minutes away from their home in the worst possible commuting state in the USA? That is the question I ask myself daily!!!

LA Traffic


  1. Blond Duck said,

    Is that how long your commute is? Yuck!

  2. Tiffany said,

    Awesome picture! I can say that because I wasn’t in the car taking it… you could always come back to NE! 🙂

  3. Jack said,

    The 101 is better than the 5.

  4. Jack said,

    P.S. I am in LA and recognize the freeway- but it looks like you are not actually out here.

  5. survivinglifedaily said,

    Yea sorry, I just searched Google images for this!! I live in upstate New York, and work close to the city!!

  6. Jack said,

    Next time I’ll talk about how it is a hassle having to go through Jersey to catch the GW. 😉

  7. survivinglifedaily said,

    I won’t fight you on that, going through Jersey on the GW is insane almost 24/7!!

  8. Pooba said,

    Nuh uh!? And I thought I had it bad, I bow down to you my friend.

  9. Blond Duck said,

    I hope you had a good weekend!

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