NYC is the place to be!

September 15, 2009 at 2:39 pm (Daily Ramblings)

Yes I realize that title is a little bit corny but hey I had a great time in the city on Sunday, even though we weren’t there for the best of reasons and could only stay for an hour or so! Mel’s grandma passed away last March and her headstone unveiling (sp?) was on Sunday in Long Island, which is a little over 2 hours from where we live. I drove to the cemetery in the City for the first time and even got to go over the George Washington Bridge! Because it was my first time I wasn’t too upset about the toll amount that was obnoxious! Then after the cemetery we went to Brooklyn to L&B Spamoni gardens for the best ice cream ever! They have great pizza but it’s not the best pizza ever for me like it is for Mel! I took pictures, but I’m at work so I can’t post any right now. Also Mel and I have to get our Save the Dates ordered on shutterfly and then make sure our invites are almost done! I wish our wedding would just get here, I can’t wait :)!

Mel and I rented Twilight so he could watch it and he fell in love with it too!! Well he fell in love with the movies and the story line but he won’t read the books, but I’m all like WHATEV because at least now I have a partner in this Twilight obsession! I really want another kitten and so does my honey but his dad won’t let us get another animal which I’m extremely bitter about! Anywho thats pretty much all thats going on, except I’m looking into maybe changing jobs, but I’m not sure as of yet!

Thanks for all the well wishes for Mel, basically his doctor said until he’s ready to have surgery (we have to wait until next year at least because of insurance, but Mel is really nervous about it too) then he needs to go to a Pain Management doctor to maintain the pain until surgery. So he actually made his OWN appointment for a Pain Mgnmt place for tomorrow. Boy was his secretary (i.e. ME) that he made the appointment all by his self without me asking him!! I hope all is well with everyone else in the bloggy world!! Anybody have awesome plans for the weekend?



  1. Blond Duck said,

    Did you see the promos for the new Twilight coming out on the VMA’s? I’m not a Twilighter, but it looked neat.

  2. survivinglifedaily said,

    I totally saw it! Mel and I have watched it quite a few times, we can’t wait!

  3. Tiffany said,

    I haven’t been to NYC since I was pregnant, but I do love that city. So fun… to visit.

  4. Pooba said,

    You are so lucky that Mel likes Twilight!! My guy won’t even watch it with me. He refuses! I want another kitty too but the husband has pooped on that idea, we already have 2 cats and one dog but I still want more!

    I hope Mel’s surgery goes well! He has a great secretary :o)

  5. survivinglifedaily said,

    We have one turtle and one kitten, I want a frickin farm of animals!! I hope his surgery, when he has it, goes well to it scares me to think about!

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