Weekend Wrap-Up (kind of)

September 8, 2009 at 10:25 am (Daily Ramblings, Thought of the Day)

So Mel and I had a great weekend!! I got off at 1 on Friday and surprised him by doing the laundary all by myself! See every two weeks we have to go to the laundary mat because we can’t use a washer and dryer in our apartment! So it’s a pain in the ass to sort, fill the bags, load the heavy ass bags in the car, drag said heavy ass bags into the laundary mat, spend an ass load of money to clean your clothes, have something to do for two hours, load heavy ass bags back in the car, then drag heavy ass bags back into the house and put EVERYTHING away! OK so I may have waited until Saturday to put it all away! Anywhoo, I hate doing laundary and Mel and I always tag-team it, but I did it by myself and he was shocked/happy!

We went out to dinner on Friday, ran all our errands on Saturday, and worked around the house on Sunday and relaxed, and then Labor Day we went to the U-Pick farm by where we live and got apples, peaches, and corn! Then we grilled hamburgers with Mel’s dad! Kind of a boring weekend but at least it was long and relaxing I guess.

Mel’s going to his back doctor on Wednesday so well wishes/prayers would be wonderful. He will eventually need surgery sometime in the next year but he doesn’t know when, and he wants to find a desk job before he has the fusion! He was in a bad car accident when he was 16 and he had 2 hurniated discs, now he has 3 herniated discs and he had surgery in 2007 but it was just a band-aid over a broken leg. So eventually he’ll need the full fusion, but he’s only 24 and he’ll lose some mobility and he’s worried because he’s a mechanic! So let’s hope that something good comes with this appointment otherwise I fear he will become more depressed about his back!


  1. The Cubicle's Backporch said,

    Wow… I’ll definitely be sendin’ up a prayer for Mel. That’s crazy that he’ll lose some mobility and being so young!!

    I’ve been itchin to go to a U-Pick farm. I don’t think I’ve ever been to one… and to me it just says “FALL”. Even though I’m not quite ready for fall yet!

  2. Blond Duck said,

    I’m glad ya’ll had a good weekend! Kudos to you for tackling the pain of laundry. I hope everything goes well with his back- what a scary thing!

  3. survivinglifedaily said,

    Thanks for the well wishes!! The U-Pick farms are my favorite!! I love fall and winter so I’m excited for pumpkins next!

  4. Pooba said,

    Oh no! Poor Mel! This is me sending my well wishes to you guys.

  5. Kristin said,

    Yey for a good weekend, boo for your boy’s pain!

  6. Blond Duck said,

    How did the dr. visit go?

  7. survivinglifedaily said,

    it went ok, we have to find a pain management doc for him because he doesn’t want surgery for a year or two! Now we just have to figure out what we both want to do for a living!

  8. Blond Duck said,

    The good thing about figuring out what to do for a living is you can change your mind a gazillion times…

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