Going Away…Twilight Update

July 27, 2009 at 3:38 pm (All about the books baby!, Daily Ramblings, Family)

Tomorrow is my last day of work before M. and I leave for Nebraska to go to my sisters wedding!! I am so excited and can no longer concentrate on work, crap! I won’t be posting while on my vacation, and I know it will break all of your hearts (read with heavy sarcasm).

M. and I went to the demolition derby last night and we had a blast, we go in the pits becuase he helps fix the cars up before and after and so does his boss, so we rode along with him last night!

I am now halfway through the third book in the Twilight series! I was dissapointed to see that the last two books haven’t come out in paperback yet, but whatev! I didn’t have to buy the second one, I went to my neighbors to borrow luggage and I asked her if she read Twilight, and she said her and her 11 or 12 year old son are reading Twilight on and off together so that they can watch the movie together, but they bought New Moon (the second book) to read next. She asked if I wanted to borrow it, and M. was like “You really don’t have to ask, just give her the damn book and she’ll bring it back tomorrow” YAY I finished the book in a day or less and brought it back to them so he could have it at camp!

While M. and I were at the mall I was like we can’t go past Borders (our book store) otherwise I’ll want to buy the next book! And he was like, I don’t care just by it! So I bought it and I am SLOWLY reading it to the best of my ability! I love this series and am completely blown away by the fierceness of Edward and Bella’s relationship and their lives toghether! LOVE IT!

Anywhoo, this is my good-bye post so good-bye, so long!! No let’s just pray I can make it through tomorrow without it feeling like a decade!


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