July 16, 2009 at 3:21 pm (Bitch, Bitch, Bitch, Thought of the Day)

What was that?? HUH??? I can’t hear you over your extremely loud fucking music at your CUBE!! No, you don’t have an actual office you are in a cube surrounded by OTHER CUBES who can hear what you say, sing, and listen to at the most obnoxious level!

Now I am not the type of person to usually say anything to cause conflict in the work place (outside in real life, I’m so different) so when someone went to lunch and left the music blaring I most definitely turned it down to a reasonable level. AND AND AND she didn’t even frickin notice y’all! Come on now, something is crazy here!? And I may have a little crazy in me but I’m not THAT crazy!

On another bitchy note, and yes my BUDDY (wink, wink) is visiting right now, why do you talk to yourself? I mean seriously, again, we are all sitting in CUBES facing EACH OTHER and we can MOST definitely hear what you say or talk about on your fucking endless phone conversations! Yo, these ladies are insensitivo! I am so glad I don’t work with more women, and this just proves again that I get along with men a whole hell of a lot better then women!! Not to say that I don’t have women friends, I just can’t stand the insensitive, know-it-all, prissy, froo-froo type of women that everything has to be there way or they make everyone elses (read: my life) life miserable!! Ok that is my rant for the day…signing off now.


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What a night!

July 16, 2009 at 1:07 pm (Daily Ramblings, Family, Gotta Love Men!, Thought of the Day)

Last night M. and I went out on his bosses boat with his bosses wife and baby (sooo effing cute by the way) and we had a blast!!! We drove to the launching point and head off on a nice slow ride because the baby was with us, we circled around and took some pictures, I will post some when I get home from work, and then docked at a lake front restaurant/bar to grab a drink. After that M., his boss, and I got back on the boat to play around and so I could see what this boat was made of!! It’s got a 454 engine in it, which probably doesn’ t mean much to most people, just know this boat hauls serious ass! M. and his bosses cheeks were flying back like a cartoon! After I officially became obsessed with buying a boat we went back and docked and packed up and headed to Wendy’s. Now usually I lurve me some Wendy’s, I used to work at one and I usually only go a few times a year since we don’t live by one, but this one was HORRIBLE!! There was a group of men in front of us who barely spoke english (which wasn’t the bad part) who placed there order for no less then a metric ton of food to the cashier lady who looked like she had been working for 4 days in. a. row. with now break! It was horrible, no one knew what was going on and she walked so slow that my turtle would have whooped her slow behind all the way to china town! Anyway we stood in line at a FAST food restaurant for 35 minutes. The baby was being fed in the car and she got done faster then we got served!? Anywho, we ate then headed home and it was a fun time to be had by all!! I’m almost too excited that the weekend is almost here becuase we have to buy stuff for our vacation and…it’s only one more week and a couple of days before we leave!!! SWEET SUCKATASH I AM EXCITED!!

Almost Friday everyone buckle up and have an amazing weekend!

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