Giveaway, Weekend Wrap-Up, Chocolate Martini Recipe all in ONE!

July 13, 2009 at 7:57 pm (Daily Ramblings, Dinner at My House, GIVEAWAYS!, Thought of the Day)

EDITED TO ADD: THE CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED!!!! I’m using random line picker website thinger so it is fair and I will announce the winner tomorrow morning!! Thanks for playing and stay tuned because I like this giveaway thing there will be plenty more in the future!

We shall start with the weekend wrap-up:

Friday: Usual work day, a little slow but I got to cruise some of my favorite blogs! Traffic was the worst part of my day because when I got home M. and I went out to dinner and ran to the mall so he could get his phone fixed and I could pick up some stuff for our bathroom (new shower curtain, bath mat, towels). We got back home and cuddled ;)!

Saturday: Because we ran most of our errands on Friday night we got to just chill and watch some television and then M. wanted to help out his boss and take in the junk truck to a dumping facility, so I got to ride in the “death trap” truck! FUN STUFF EGH?! I know you’re all jealous! We got back and M. asked if he could help our neighbor/friend with his transmission that blew, I said yes because I have my third Jen Lancaster book and well my afternoon was pretty set! After M. was done with that we went out to dinner with all of our friends, we haven’t gotten together with these friends in FOREVER and because J. might have to go back to Iraq we all decided to have a good time! We started at Cheeseburger in Paradise where I discovered the Chocolate Martini (recipe to follow) and then we headed to this hole in the wall bar that is behind the Police station where one of friends works. Cheap drinks and darts (who could ask for more right?) Well, me being OCD, I had to SECURE M. and I a ride home before I actually enjoyed my drinks! Once the ride was secured I drank more and got a little tipsy, not too tipsy where when asked to makout with another girl in our group I had the stable mind to say “NOOOO I’m not that drunk!” M. took me home threw a bottle of water at me and we went to bed. One side note, I am very CHATTY when I’m drunk, if you ever want to know what I think about something just get me a drink!! 🙂

Sunday: Water damage in half our kitchen, cabinets torn down, moldy shit had to be cleaned, stress ensued. M. and I then decided to release some stress and went to a car show in the Camaro! We had a great time and went out for pizza and came home to clean up the house and relax!

The Chocolate Martini Recipe:

Ingredients: martini
4 oz. chocolate liqueur
2 oz. vanilla vodka
Splash of Half and Half
Chocolate syrup

Mix chocolate liqueur and vanilla vodka. Add a splash of Half and Half and shake over ice. Line a martini glass with chocolate syrup. Add mixture.





NOW TO THE GIVEAWAY!! Don’t worry Blond Duck these are extra copies of books that I have been given two of! The first book is….


“Something Borrowed” by Emily Giffin

This book is about a good girl who has done the right thing all her life until she sleeps with her best friends fiance one night!! Perfect summer chic read!










The second book is:100_1372

“Plain Truth” by Jodi Picoult

She is one of my favorite authors and this book displays how truely talented she is!! An Amish girl has a baby that she vehemently denies and this story takes so very many twists and turns after the baby dies!!







To enter the giveaway please answer the following question in the comments section (one entry per person):

“What are your favorite authors, books, stories? And why?”

For an EXTRA entry please link this post to your blog and leave another comment letting me know you did so with the link to the post you put it in!!

No more entrys after 7 PM on Tuesday 7/14/09! Winner will be chosen at random to receive BOTH books!!


  1. The Cubicle's Backporch said,

    I have Plain Truth and it was my first Jodi Picoult book… it’s amazing how she gets you tied up in the characters!!

    My favorite author is Phillipa Gregory. She wrote The Other Boleyn Girl. I love that she uses real history to base her stories on!!

  2. rubymoon said,

    Favorite authors are women contemporary fiction authors like Joyce Carol Oates, Jodi Picoult, Marge Piercy, Anita Shreve. Love them because as a woman/feminist I like an author who really expands on a character and shows me both her strong qualities and her faults. I tend to get lost in such books. Thanks for the chance to win! Neither of the books in the giveaway have I read yet.

  3. missy said,

    good morning….stopping by from SITS!!!!!

  4. Lanie said,

    Hi! Stopping by from SITS and glad I did! I LOVE to read!

    Currently, I am caught up in the Twilight series, but I love:

    Jodi Picoult:
    Songs of the Humpback Whale
    My Sister’s Keeper
    Keeping Faith
    and others

    Anything by Nicholas Sparks, Anita Shrieve, Beverly Lewis and some other Christian writers.

    Oh, and that Chocolate Martini looks fantastic!

  5. John Deere Mom said,

    Wahoo! I love reading and haven’t read either of these books. I love fiction, light reading. Nothing too serious. I went through a phase of serious books but it seemed that every one of them involved a kidnapping, abuse, or murder. And I decided life was too short to be depressed by books! So I keep it light now! 🙂

  6. Blond Duck said,

    I have so many favorites… adult writers include Louise Bagshawe, for her epic stories and Elizabeth Peters for her humorous mysteries.

  7. tiffany said,

    Girl we are copying down this martini recipe right NOW! We’re having a “martini tour” in Lincoln August 7th – we’ll just start it off right at home with your recipe.


  8. Lisa said,

    My favorite stories are ones about families. My recent favorite reads are A Family Daughter and All Over Creation. They truly make me feel connected in a way that people need to feel. It makes me care about something when I feel like caring about nothing at all. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  9. aussiechic said,

    I have read those Something Borrowed books – when I was pregnant I read dozens of books – especially over the last 3 weeks of my pregnancy……I was a reading lunatic…….Nice combination too – a chocolate martini and a good book!!!!!!!

  10. Cheeseburger in Paradise said,

    Thanks for stopping by CIP! We are glad you enjoyed the Chocolate Martini. Come back and see us soon.

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