Weekend Wrap-Up

June 29, 2009 at 1:40 pm (Daily Ramblings, Gotta Love Men!, Movie Review, Thought of the Day)

WOW I am finally doing a weekend wrap-up closer to the weekend then farther away this week!

Friday: Friday was a decent day of work, I had stuff to do so I didn’t sit around staring at the clock all day! But then the commute hit me…and the parts that are normally rough were easy. I got one town away and every road (back road or normal route) was effin closed. I got off the highway (which was completely stopped) at 6:30 and didn’t get home until 7:30 when it usually takes me 20 minutes after I get off the highway to get home! Anyway, I got home M. and I headed back out after I changed for our anniversary dinner! We have been together 4 years! AND he sent me 18 long stem beautiful roses at work!! Anywho…we finished dinner and headed home and we were both exhausted by about 10:30-11 and we headed to bed.

Saturday: Kind of a bum day, we ran errunds, hung around and then M. asked if he could help his friend re-build his engine. I said fine, reluctantly, and he said only 2 hours. Now any women who dates a mechanic/car-guy/technician/engine re-builder can tell you when you are told a time you always add about 30-60 minutes on to the total time. I agreed he could go, I cleaned and settled in to read my new book by Emily Giffin “Something Borowed.” I called 3 hours later:

“Hey, are you almost done?”


“Because it’s almost 7”

“Oh shit, my bad, we are almost wrapping up here I’ll be home in like 10-20 minutes and then we’ll grab pizza.”

“Ok, see you then, love you bye.”

“Love you bye.”

AN HOUR AND A HALF LATER he calls me and says he is on the way and if the pizza place is fine to grab dinner I said “Fine” he said he would pick me up in the driveway. He showed up with his friend driving behind him to go get pizza. M. knew instantly I was pissed because he was gone 4 1/2 hours when he said 2 and I CALLED him after 3! Anyway we got through dinner and I was eventually over it by the end of the night. We made plans with his friend and his friends girlfriend to go the IMAX showing of Transformers the next day and we went home to relax.

Sunday: We left at 11 to go the IMAX movie that is about an hour and 15 minutes away from our house and we picked up our friends and we got to see Transformers in IMAX!!! OMG it was freaking awesome. I am so addicted to this movie now it’s not even funny! Thanks to M.! We had Cold Stone Ice Cream, best ice cream ever, and then we shopped a little bit and then headed home. We got home around 7:30 or so, M.’s back was in bad shape so he lounged on the couch and we watched Extreme Home Makeover (I cried) and then we scooted off to bed!

Here we are only effing Monday, but at least I have Friday off!!

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