June 19, 2009 at 5:08 pm (Daily Ramblings)

I am rejoicing, it is FINALLY Friday!!! I moved to a new desk yesterday at work, it feels bigger even though it’s not! LOL! More light, I feel more awake which is fantastic! No really big weekend plans, just that I can relax and hopefully M. can unwind and stop feeling so stressed. He went out on his boss’ boat on Tuesday and he seemed so happy when he came home and he continuosly thanked me for “letting” him go. I’m like “Babe, I always want you to go out with your friends because you NEVER have enough fun, I didn’t let you, you let yourself!”

I’m hoping that he can go out at least once in awhile with his friends and realize that I am OK with it! I’m not the fiance that has to have him around ALL the time. I believe it’s important in a relationship to be able to have time to yourself, it helps with growth and absence makes the heart grow fonder! Anyway he is constantly stressed about money because of the wedding and bills and everything, even though I always talk him down off of his “We don’t have enough money” soap box I feel bad that he isn’t himself sometimes. I wish there was more that I can do, I am busting my ASS at work so that hopefully at some point I can get a raise, but that isn’t in the near future with this shitty economy. He is doing all he can for extra hours at work as it is. We are OK and paying our bills and we always work everything out, but he stresses way too much and it makes me sad to see him that way!

So here is to a good stress free weekend! If anyone has any ideas for me to help him with his stress, that doesn’t cost more then $10-$20, I would DEEPLY appreciate any help/ideas?!?!?!


  1. Pooba said,

    Well I could tell you something you could do TO him to relieve his stress that doesn’t cost a thing! But I’m new here so I’ll just leave it at that.

  2. survivinglifedaily said,

    HAHA, I thought of that…I was thinking of more during the day…maybe I could do “that” during the day, change it up a bit!! HAHA! Thanks!

  3. Isabel Princes said,

    My hubby likes competing against me for some reason, so we have a good time playing card games for ‘favors’. Speed, Blink, Rummy, Gin, even a game of scrabble has worked well for us.

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