Long Awaited…Movie Review!

June 15, 2009 at 2:09 pm (Movie Review)

Alright we went to see The Taking of Pelham 123 last night in a really comfortable theater, so I am going to review that and Betime Stories!

The Taking of Pelham 123:

Denzel Washington and John Travolta are two very interesting characters. Denzel is a quick witted humble hard-working man at the control center for the NYC MTA. John is, what seams, a hard-laced criminal with nothing but tatoos and a foul mouth. As the two start to communicate you realize the dynamic in their relationship and wonder if Denzel shouldn’t switch to the bad-side! This was a true thriller and had some hear-stopping moments with the hostages! I recommend going to see this in the theater or waiting until it comes out on video…although it is the first movie Travolta has made since the tragic passing of his son!

Bedtime Stories:

This movie was, obviously, funny. Adam Sandler never dissapoints (at least me) in that department. As the story goes on and Sandler realizes who controls the story he lets the children choose his fate, quite literally. Some of the interesting touches are a “red ferrari” in fairytale land that is a BRIGHT RED HORSE!! The princess isn’t who Adam Sandler was expecting, but still the best women for him! You should rent this movie with the kids or by yourself, because that is what I did!

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