So much to say…

June 13, 2009 at 1:42 pm (Daily Ramblings)

Ok…I can’t believe how “off” I have been this week. I love to blog and I love to update and share my life and be able to have an outlet to express myself, but this week everything just took a back seat to everythign that has been going on at work! My boss boss is leaving the company and my manager is taking his place and a lot of transition stuff is going on in the company. I am focusing much much more on my job and the daily task so that I can show I am good at what I do and that if given more responsibilty I will run with it and nail it!’

That is whats going on at work, at home things have been crazy with scheduling things for M., working out details for my vacation to my sisters wedding in Nebraska and planning and wrapping everything up to make sure everything is ready! I am OCD and I have to have everything planned and ready to go in advance!

So here I am, I’m finally somewhat caught up, I have everything planned in my head so I’m good and I can relax for maybe a minute! M. is working today and we have a bunch of stuff to do so I am updating now while I have time! I am going to post move reviews, probably tomorrow, for Baby on Board and Bedtime Stories…I planned to do that this week but didn’t have time!! I hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!

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