Long Weekend Wrap-Up

May 26, 2009 at 5:47 pm (Daily Ramblings)

I apologize ahead of time this is longer then usual because, well, it was a LONG weekend! ! HAHA! I crack myself up!

Friday: I got out of work early (1 pm) because of the holiday on Monday! I love my job, have I mentioned that lately? No, well I did now! On my way home I dropped my car of to M. at his job so he could do the oil change and maintenance stuff to it, and I picked up his car and went on my way home. While dropping my car of M. asked if I would go pick up slushies for him and his co-worker, I whined delightfully declined as I was not feeling well. I went home and sat my ever-growing behind on the couch and watch a combination of wife swap, lmn movie, Dr. Phil, and Oprah all afternoon. Until, a funny thing happened, I got a craving for ice cream:

Called M. “Hi honey, I decided to go out and get you guys slushies after all what kind do you want?”

“Really? Great, lemon-lime. Love you bye.”

I know some may view this as doing a good deed with a selfish intent but hey the man got his damn slushy ok? At that point I would have given my left boob to have ice cream to soothe my throat! I dropped off the goods and went home to eat my “Wet walnuts” in peace and to continue my palooza of shitty television. “RING RING” (thats my cellphone if you were curious)

“Babe, where are you?” M. asks.

“I’m at home, where else would I be?” I reply, knowing he is going to ask me to leave the house and do something for him or bring something to him.

“I got oil all over myself and it’s starting to soak through my clothes and since I have your car I didn’t want to come home and get your car all greasy, anyway can you bring me a change of clothes?”

“UGH….What would you do if I wasn’t at home at this point? Yes I’ll be there in a minute.”

“Love you!”

“Yea yea, bye.”

He was indeed really oily and we avoided the disaster that would’ve been my car had he come home in those clothes! M. got home from work we went out to Applebees and had a yummy dinner. After dinner we stopped at Best Buy to look at laptops and met a friend who works there and started talking. A. (the friend who works at best buy) showed us some good deals and long story short I ended up buying a laptop and leaving it there to pick-up on Saturday and M. was a bit upset about money the rest of the night!

Saturday: I ran ALL of M.’s errunds because I knew that would hopefully redeem my purchase of said laptop the night before. And I picked up my laptop and OMG it was gloriously fast and unbelievably awesome when I signed on without a problem plugged in our wireless code and VAVOOM in three second I had pulled up facebook, checked my blog stats, and was on my way to checking my email!! YAHOO! Ok, I’m back…sorry I got lost in the infinite joy of new technology! We pretty much laid around and was lazy the entire day on Saturday, which all in all was perfect.

Sunday: We got the circular for our grocery store and they were having a HUGE buy 1 get 1 FREE sale. Not buy 1 get 1 half off, buy 1 get one effing FREE!! Needless to say we were there a week earlier then scheduled and ended up getting a couple weeks worth of meat and such extra for the same price we usually spend!! EFFING AWESOME!! Not so awesome is that I am maxed out and can not purchase another thing except the liquid gold my car depends on to get my ass to work! It was so worth the savings! We got home from the store and went next door to an improptu BBQ that was SO MUCH fun!! We stayed for like 6 hours or something like that and a blast was to be had by all!

Monday: We went to E.’s BBQ (the friend I used to go to the gym at 4 am with, I no longer go but thats another post) for a couple of hours, and then we told A. (friend at Best Buy) that we would hang out with her and her boyfriend that night. So we went and got ice cream with A. and M. and then we came back to our house for another impromptu cookout with fresh corn and hotdogs! My house was a mess and I was completely embarassed about it, but hey they didn’t mind so much! True friends, no? That about sums up our entire weekend. We had a ton of fun and we got to completely relax and spend a butt-load of time together! It was most difficult to wake up and get to work this morning, but I did and I am a stronger woman for it!

Hey at least it’s not Monday! It’s Tuesday…one day closer to Friday then if it were Monday! I know you love my wisdom!

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