Absolute Random(ness)

May 22, 2009 at 3:35 pm (Daily Ramblings)

I am going to start by saying please don’t be offended by the lack of structure in the upcoming paragraphs. My mind is a bit jumbled and going back and forth, therefore; I believe this post will more then likely reflect my actual thinking process.

I am sitting at work where I do my best thinking, obviously I do better thinking while driving my ridiculously long commute but we all know I shouldn’t be doing a post on the road. We get out at 1 today because of the approaching holiday weekend, sweet tits I’m excited! It is 11:30 I’ve already gone to the cafeteria (paid and OBSCENE amount of money on half a tuna sandwhich and some pudding), ate my lunch, and am completely ready to go home. I know you’re asking, but Courtney you are ALWAYS ready to go home, to which I say BOTH of my bosses are gone, I got a KILLER parking spot because no one is at work today, so I am pretty perplexed about the fact that I sit here with nothing to do and why, because I have a conscience!

This weekend should be very relaxing and I am excited to be able to say on Sunday: “DAMN SKIPPY I have a whole ‘nother day to sit and do abso-fucking-lutely nothing!” Obviously I will post the weekend wrap-up on Tuesday because it is a long weekend, and my laptop is still on the fritz. And because my fiance is very money aware I doubt we will be able to get a cheap laptop which I am lobbying for at the moment. Of course my laptop started to go downhill the effing minute I actually own the damn thing. I procurred this laptop when I started college and it was technically “College Property” until I graduated and my loans started coming in. So first my battery completely went, then I started getting virus after virus and wouldn’t you know my anti-virus is not paid for anymore! We use the free anti-virus as we saw fit and things were looking up. But right about the time I started to think “things are looking up for this pathetic excuse for technology” and we got a fucking trojan virus. Now if I wish to check facebook (not available at work) it takes a good 5 minutes to load one damn page! I am hoping M. will concede to getting a laptop for $500 and under which is completely do-able. I have a best-buy credit card with like a $1,200 dollar limit, and I could so do a $50 payment a month for 0% interest!! I hope, hope, hope that we will be stimulating the economy at our local best buy this weekend. PLUS this is memorial day weekend so there should be killer sales this weekend!

On a brighter note, I shouldn’t have to battle traffic today as I am leaving at 1!!! Hopefully I’m not jinxing myself by saying so!

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!

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  1. Kristin said,

    Fingers crossed that the laptop gods will be gracing you this weekend!

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