Weekend Wrap-Up (Late)

May 13, 2009 at 6:53 pm (Daily Ramblings)

Alright so I’m a little behind on giving you my weekend wrap-up, if I waited any longer it would be a two weekend wrap-up! Since I know you are all on pins and needles to see how MY week-end was! I know I’m funny…

Friday: I worked, got home and we went out to dinner to a local place that I had never been to before. It was yummy, but I thought it was like a dive-bar so I was all,

“Babe, is this a place where I have to order beer or can I order my kind of drink?”

“You can order whatever you want”

“I know, but will I look like Miss Priss if I order a mixed drink instead of a beer?”

“No, it’s a restaurant, where normal people eat, you can order whatever drink you want!”

“Ok, we can go, but honey if I can’t order a drink I’m going to punch you in your throat”

“I love you too.”

We went and I ordered my cosmopolitan and it was TOO STRONG, but I finished most of it and the food was great! We then went home watched some TV and went to bed.

Saturday: WE HAD A FANTASTIC DAY!! Our lives are pretty much boring as shit so what I’m about to tell you is an awesome day for me but may be as boring as dirt fried worms to you! We woke up and M. did NOT, I repeat, did NOT have to work! We sold my college fridge on Craigslist so we met at a PUBLIC place (Cragislist killers will not be getting us!) and I got $40  for our wedding fund! We then went straight to T. and J.’s house about an hour away from where we already were. T. has been working on M.’s camaro for a couple of weeks and has a new garage there and they have a cute almost 9 month old baby that is snuggly for me to hang with! M. played outside with T. and a couple other guys, while I hung out with J. and M.’s bosses wife C. and her 3 month old! I basically got to be around babies all day!!! FUN FOR ME! We spent all day there grilling out and taking walks and watching babies! We went home and we were plum tuckered out! Needless to say we went to bed early!

Sunday: My Mother’s Day! My kitten and my turtle are our children and we treat them as such, so M. took me to lunch at Panera (YUM), a movie (Ghost of Girlfriends Past, good), and gave me $55 dollars for HomeGoods!!! We came home and moved the furniture and I spring cleaned again because my OCD was getting to me! All in all we had a great week-end!!

It’s Wednesday…only two more days…thank God it’s payweek!!



  1. The Cubicle's Backporch said,

    I went and saw Ghosts of Girlfriends past with my sister a couple weeks ago! It was a cute movie, predictable but a good chick flick!!

  2. survivinglifedaily said,

    I thought it was predictable too, cute but you knew where the movie was headed!

  3. Robbie Redmon said,

    Hi there! Just stopping over from SITS. I enjoyed you site. It feel warm. I hope you will pop over for a visit.

  4. Movie Review « Survivinglifedaily’s Blog said,

    […] gorgeous this movie was a bit predictable (as Jennifer from J and J Acres noted in the comment on this post.) The movie started with showing how MM acts in his day to day life as a photographer/womanizer! […]

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