I just want REAL news!

May 7, 2009 at 5:47 pm (Daily Ramblings)

When I am surfing the web, waiting to get my ass on the opposite end of the 5 o’clock traffic on a Thursday, I DO NOT want to see half-nekid pictures of Miss California now Miss America. Who the eff cares, honestly, are so many people paying attention to these “beauty” queens that we all must stop and read front page news drowning in self-absorbed hypocrisy? I’m sorry I’m a little hyped up today, I got yelled at by a full grown man at the gas station for pulling in to “fast.” I HAD to curse at a ton of ass clowns on the way to work and I’m sure my commute will be a delight (please read with heavy sarcasm). When I read news I want to hear about the war and politico boring crap, I don’t want to read about who is wearing what and where they are wearing it! PLEASE give me a break!

By the way “beauty” is in quotations up there, because I believe that beauty starts with personality and that may be cliche but that is how I live my life thankyouverymuch!

By the way it’s Thursday, one more friggin day of mind-numbingly boring blessed work before FRIDAY!! I may just have to evoke my right to buy alcohol this weekend!



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