My family…and the Dentist!

April 28, 2009 at 11:36 pm (Daily Ramblings)

So I thought I would introduce my kids:

chevycuteThis is my kitten, Chevy! He is very mischevious and gets into just about everything! But he is loving and a mommy’s boy!



This is our turtle Miss Izzie Pop!! She is the most animated turtle…you would never think that a turtle could be animated but she is! We love her and she was our first pet!




Ok so now you’ve seen my kids, you can understand that I love animals and I wish I could own a farm and save every animal in harms way!  That is a big part of who M. and I are!

I did the gym thaaaaaang today and woke up at 4:20 to be there! I actually hopped right out of bed and jumped into my pre-layed out clothes, grabbed my banana, brushed my teeth and jumped in my friends car!! Tomorrow I am doing it again, but I’m driving and picking them up so it means they are depending on me, which means it gives me an added drive to get up tomorrow! Also tomorrow I am having a….gag…sigh…roo-oo-oo-t canal! GAG! Hopefully they will be able to give me the laughing gas, because I am so phobic of the dentist I don’t think I could sit through a root canal without some added assistance! HAH! This is a new dentist, and it’s taken an arm and a frickin toe to find a doctor that will touch my teeth…

See when I was young I had sensitive teeth and a calcium deficiency, so I had a root canal on a bad tooth at like age 10, my tooth grew and I eventually had a root canal on it again which HURT LIKE A MOTHER EFFER! He didn’t numb me enough so needless to say this is where my phobia of the dentist came into play. Up until now I’ve avoided the dentist at all costs! I went for a check-up because my tooth started to hurt and I set an appointment for three weeks later…they then called me a week before my appointment saying:

 “You’re root canal is too in depth, you need to see an endodontist”

I’m all like ” WTF you couldn’t have called me sooner, I am in PAIN and you’ve prescribed me tyle-frickin-nol! Can you prescribe me something stronger”


“Excuse me, receptionist, are you my doctor could you take a moment to ask MY DOCTOR, receptionist”

I hung up! Looked in the yellowpages and searched endodontist and made an appointment with a place that was recommended by a couple of people, another two weeks later. I go to this appointment (mind you in the midst of M.’s grandma’s passing and funeral!) and I hand them my X-Ray and they say:

“Oh you need an endodontist, we can’t touch you here”

“ARE YOU KIDDING ME, When I called you said you were an endo-frickin-dontist!!!! I was told NO PROBLEM WE WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU!”

“I’m sorry, but we can’t help you!”

So, back to the yellow pages, I found an endodontist in the second week of March, and the only appointment open was for April 29th…so I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting to go and now my appointments tomorrow! I’m scuuuuurrrreeeeedddd and I thought I would share!

Don’t ask me how my kids and my dentist appointment relate, but this is whats on my mind…so I’m sharing it with the world, run-on sentences and all!!

Almost Wednesday…three more days till Friday!


  1. The Cubicle's Backporch said,

    I’ve never met anyone else who has a pet turtle! We have two of the same turtles! I’ve had them for 15 years now!!

    I agree about the dentist. And ours, too, wants to send me to an endo-whatever b/c my root canal shows a dark spot in the bottom. UGH.

  2. survivinglifedaily said,

    LOL, yea we wanted to get another red-ear slider but we were afraid that she’s too spoiled and we didn’t want her to be mean to a new turtle! We let her run around on the carpet every once in awhile too! We’ve had her since October 2007 the month we moved in together! I’ve only met a couple of people who have turtles, but they got them because they liked ours! LOL!

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