Just another day in my life…

April 24, 2009 at 7:02 pm (Daily Ramblings)

I woke up this morning in a relatively good mood!? I know crazy! So I jumped in a quick shower, planned what I was going to wear as I was cleaning all of my 2000 parts. Dumped the laundary bag full of CLEAN clothes and found my shirt and pants and got dressed. I was excited to just wear the shirt without a jacket over it because it is going to be warm today! I gave myself a once over and saw a HOLE in my right sleeve! Of course…I’ve forgotten to mention the fact that my lovely kitten likes to climb our clothes to go in the ceiling! Yes I said CEILING! The ONE spot in our ceiling that isn’t covered (the whole apartment has been upgraded so the spot wasn’t finished) and he has found his way up there every day since the day we brought him home at eight weeks old! At first it was cute, and it’s always funny to see him in the ceiling looking down at you…not so cute when you’ve had to throw away four pieces of clothing becasue of holes in them!!

M. has gotten home really late like 9:30 late twice this week…so he is going to buy me some new clothes! I know it sounds like I bribed him, but I didn’t, he offered! Love him! So I am stuck at work all day on this BEAUTIFUL day! Thank goodness it is supposed to be nice all weekend! Happy Friday ALL!


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  1. The Cubicle's backporch said,

    One of our cats tries to climb up the towels hanging in the bathroom. So EVERY day I have to pick them up.

    Darn cats!

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