A day in my life…real time edition…

April 15, 2009 at 6:49 pm (Daily Ramblings)

I am sitting here at work with my head in my hands wondering how I got to where I am at this very moment. The system we use in my company has been thoroughly changed to appease Audit, which means that 50% of my job I can’t do and have to wait to see if they will change it back or if I will have to give that duty to someone else…which means a lot more work for me! YAY! It is Spring Break for the kiddies in the world (or at least by me) and two of them are in a vacant office behind me playing video games together! Fine…peaceful…until…


“Wait let me hear (talking about the headphones to the game) I wanna hear you kill them”


Ok so I am going to try and get my work done now…in-between the shrieking and the lovely sounds of children 10 and under chewing with their mouth open! Hey I’m not a parent yet, and I know that you can’t watch your kids all the time…but if you bring them to the office try and “HUSH” them a little!! I know I will probably be ridiculed for that but hey…this is my life real time!


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