Explaining my OCD moment…

April 13, 2009 at 3:48 pm (Daily Ramblings)

M. and I woke up early, again, on Sunday morning, although this time it was my fault. I posted on Saturday morning outlining a little bit of our day that I thought was a PLAN! I should admit now that I usually have a plan all mapped out and explained to M. and then he will up and want to do something OFF MY PLAN and be all reckless and say “I didn’t know about that, you didn’t tell me!” Hah I know I told him! Anywho…back to the story so we were supposed to color eggs in the time slot after his haircut and before we went to go meet Al about our wedding. Needless to say he got home from work late (my fault I should have known) and we went to grab some lunch and then to get his haircut. By the time we got back to the apartment we didn’t have enough time to color the eggs!

I wasn’t anxious about it at that point, to veer(spelling) once from the Plan is ok. Then after we met with Al about our wedding (another post) we were supposed to come home and color eggs and then go to a movie and pick up a few things we needed in town. On the way back to the house M. says “Hey why don’t we go see Fast and Furious now” and I said, “I guess, but after that we have to color eggs as soon as we get home” M. replies “Ok, no problem, look up the times on your phone” (who said internet on your cellphone was a bad thing?)

We went to The Fast and Furious 4 which I have to admit I enjoyed, and then we ended up meeting a couple of friends we haven’t seen in a long long time and went out to dinner. I was starting to feel a sore throat and a cold coming on…so after dinner I wasn’t feeling up to grabbing the little stuff we needed, so we went home and I went to bed at like 10:30 or so. What I didn’t realize is that M. didn’t come to bed until like 1:30 am because he watched a movie he rented that I didn’t want to see. So when I rolled over at 7:30 am on Sunday and let our kitten in to wake us up…he was a little bit tired looking! Oh well…thats what he gets for waking me up early every day this past week!! It’s all Love in our world! Anyway…so that is a little explanation of my Planning, and I really am working on my OCD and planning nature! We eventually did get the eggs colored Sunday morning…and when I went to go enjoy the hard-boiled eggs I eat once a year…I hadn’t cooked it long enough…I was PISSED! Needless to say I will have to end up cooking a couple of eggs just so I can have my ONE hard-boiled egg! If you’ve managed to stay with me this long you deserve a Gold Star, I am not above handing out Gold Star’s randomly and I goldstar1know you treasure them! hah!


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