Working and the Economy…

April 10, 2009 at 2:14 pm (Daily Ramblings)

I hate to say this but up until the past couple of weeks I have not felt the strain of this horrible economy. As I look around and see people lierally falling in the storm that is the housing market and the tsunami of money troubles I have been blessed.

Right about the time that the economy started taking a nose dive into hell and gas prices were continuously soring, I landed a great job! I was once month away from graduating with my Associates degree and I started two weeks before graduation! Needless to say, I began getting a paycheck every two weeks! Up until that point my caring and wonderful fiance was taking care of himself and me in our first apartment until I graduated college. Once my paychecks started coming in we were able to pay off bills, and I was able to get a brand new car!!! We go out to eat every Friday, I do have to say that we both are coupon and sale freaks! We rarely by anything that isn’t at a discounted price, and I usually shout from the heavens about our good deals! Like recently when we switched grocery stores posted here!!

Anyway…the past couple of weeks have been very hard as lay-offs have been taking place in my company, and I have watched as hard-working people that need this job get cut and people who do not work hard and do absolutely nothing to help the survival of this company still have employment! It hurts and makes me sad…I am lucky enough to still have my job, and I work twice as hard everyday because of it, I will not let my co-workers loss be in vain I will work to restore the awesome company I work for! I have been dealt a huge piece of humble pie, so please excuse me as I eat it with a heavy heart…


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