Public Restrooms…

April 8, 2009 at 6:23 pm (Daily Ramblings)

I am going to publicly announce my hatred of using public restrooms. Going the usual (number 1) is no big deal, you’re in you’re out no one notices anything out of the ordinary. But lordy lordy if fate is striking down on you with a blow that would be Number 2 then you must be publicly humiliated by going. Ok so maybe that is a stretch being humiliated but I definitely am everytime I have to go #2 in public!

I have a routine…I always go in the last stall, I have to hold it until every last person is out of the restroom EVEN if that means waiting ten minutes because of high traffic in the restroom. Hence why I try to only go #2 when it is not rush-hour for the bathroom! I’m sorry if this is TMI but I felt I needed to reach out about my phobia of going #2 in public! Thanks…I feel better now.


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  1. The Cubicle's Backporch said,

    hee hee. I think there’s nothing worse than needing to go #2 and someone right before stunk the place up so you’re gagging and wanting to just BE OUT OF THERE.

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