Thought for the Day…

April 30, 2009 at 11:14 pm (Thought of the Day)

I officially hate the dentist…not because she was mean or rude or just because she is a dentist. I hate her for the amount of pain I am in RIGHT NOW! HOLY CRAP, I thought the root canal was the painful part…so NOT true! Throbbing craziness all up on my face is not cool…SOO not cool! That is my thought for the day!


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Did they think I couldn’t hear?

April 30, 2009 at 3:31 pm (Daily Ramblings)

Ok so the dentist was not as traumatic as it was the time before that! THANK GOD! I was literally shaking when I sat in the waiting room with M.’s arm around me for comfort. I walked back to the little room of torture, chair of a thousand deaths, room I was going to be examined in and I immediately sensed that she didn’t know I needed the “gas!” Maybe it was because there wasn’t the huge nitrous tank in the room or it could be my killer intuition, you decide. It went something like this:

With a look of desperation and distress in my eyes I said “I called this morning about having the gas during this procedure, they said they would tell you.”

“No one told me that you requested Nitrous, hold on”

She scurried from the room and grabbed that bottle quicker then Marion Jones on a track. She came back and strapped that blessed nose thingy on to my face and I began to breathe the deliciousness of calm!

The doctor walked in:

“Nitrous, really?”

I felt guilty at this point, so I told her how nervous I was and showed her my shaking hands and I think she got the point.

So she numbed the right side of my face, and off we went.

“Raise your left hand if you need me to stop for any reason”

She started the drill….OUCH…I raised my left hand.



She got me more novacaine, or something stronger I think that goes into the tooth. From then on I didn’t feel anything and she continuously asked if I was ok and let me know when we were almost done, so overall it wasn’t bad.

While the dentist was working on me, her assistant and her started to talk about who the laid back dentist’s were and who was uptight and how the assistant thought one dentist was on MEDS! OMG glad I didn’t get that doctor! I don’t know if they knew I could comprehend what they were saying, but I got the latest gossip in the office and I found out that my dentist has a frickin nanny! I guess I know where my money is going egh? Oh well, she was pleasent, and seemed genuinely concerned that I was doing ok! I have to go back two more times to get the posts in and get a crown…fun stuff! My mouth is killing me today, but they assured me advil/ibuprofen would help, not so much! I can only eat soft food till the pain goes away, because I can’t really bite down! GRR! So more soup and no sugar, no fat ice cream for me!

It’s Thursday…only 1 1/2 days left till the weekend!!

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Still scuured

April 29, 2009 at 2:44 pm (Daily Ramblings)

This morning at 7:45 am I picked up my cell to call the dentist to see if I could have the gas…I realize that it is not even 8 am yet and put down the phone. I yell at myself to stop being such a baby and telling my self I can call when I get to work, it’s not like they would run out of gas right?

10:12 am:

“Hi, my name is Courtney and I have an appointment at 4, you see I’m already freaking out more then 5 hours to go till my appointment, can you please give me the gas when I get there?”

“Oh yes, I will let your doctor know to have it for you, it is an extra fee though?”

“Ok, what do you want my first born, because I could have another one and I really NEED the gas!”

“$65 dollars”


“Ok, I’ll tell your doctor, see you at 4”

“If I make it till then, I mean bye!”

Ok so I am freaking out already…I’m just glad that M. is going to come with me! YAY! But then he is going back to work after we get back, because they are slammed with work! Oh god I hope everything goes ok, I don’t want to feel the pain of the drill impailing (spelling?) my tooth!! Oh well…I will post after my appointment or tomorrow depending on how it goes!

Edited to let you all know what American accent I have! I may live in New York, but I am a mid-westerner at heart! Ok so you caught me, I take silly quizes and look for things at to help me forget about the looming appointment in T-Minus 2 hours and 55 minutes!

What American accent do you have?
Your Result: The Inland North
You may think you speak “Standard English straight out of the dictionary” but when you step away from the Great Lakes you get asked annoying questions like “Are you from Wisconsin?” or “Are you from Chicago?”  Chances are you call carbonated drinks “pop.”
Result Breakdown:
85% The Inland North
80% The Midland
64% The Northeast
60% Philadelphia
58% The South
49% The West
31% Boston
29% North Central
Quiz URL:

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My family…and the Dentist!

April 28, 2009 at 11:36 pm (Daily Ramblings)

So I thought I would introduce my kids:

chevycuteThis is my kitten, Chevy! He is very mischevious and gets into just about everything! But he is loving and a mommy’s boy!



This is our turtle Miss Izzie Pop!! She is the most animated turtle…you would never think that a turtle could be animated but she is! We love her and she was our first pet!




Ok so now you’ve seen my kids, you can understand that I love animals and I wish I could own a farm and save every animal in harms way!  That is a big part of who M. and I are!

I did the gym thaaaaaang today and woke up at 4:20 to be there! I actually hopped right out of bed and jumped into my pre-layed out clothes, grabbed my banana, brushed my teeth and jumped in my friends car!! Tomorrow I am doing it again, but I’m driving and picking them up so it means they are depending on me, which means it gives me an added drive to get up tomorrow! Also tomorrow I am having a….gag…sigh…roo-oo-oo-t canal! GAG! Hopefully they will be able to give me the laughing gas, because I am so phobic of the dentist I don’t think I could sit through a root canal without some added assistance! HAH! This is a new dentist, and it’s taken an arm and a frickin toe to find a doctor that will touch my teeth…

See when I was young I had sensitive teeth and a calcium deficiency, so I had a root canal on a bad tooth at like age 10, my tooth grew and I eventually had a root canal on it again which HURT LIKE A MOTHER EFFER! He didn’t numb me enough so needless to say this is where my phobia of the dentist came into play. Up until now I’ve avoided the dentist at all costs! I went for a check-up because my tooth started to hurt and I set an appointment for three weeks later…they then called me a week before my appointment saying:

 “You’re root canal is too in depth, you need to see an endodontist”

I’m all like ” WTF you couldn’t have called me sooner, I am in PAIN and you’ve prescribed me tyle-frickin-nol! Can you prescribe me something stronger”


“Excuse me, receptionist, are you my doctor could you take a moment to ask MY DOCTOR, receptionist”

I hung up! Looked in the yellowpages and searched endodontist and made an appointment with a place that was recommended by a couple of people, another two weeks later. I go to this appointment (mind you in the midst of M.’s grandma’s passing and funeral!) and I hand them my X-Ray and they say:

“Oh you need an endodontist, we can’t touch you here”

“ARE YOU KIDDING ME, When I called you said you were an endo-frickin-dontist!!!! I was told NO PROBLEM WE WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU!”

“I’m sorry, but we can’t help you!”

So, back to the yellow pages, I found an endodontist in the second week of March, and the only appointment open was for April 29th…so I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting to go and now my appointments tomorrow! I’m scuuuuurrrreeeeedddd and I thought I would share!

Don’t ask me how my kids and my dentist appointment relate, but this is whats on my mind…so I’m sharing it with the world, run-on sentences and all!!

Almost Wednesday…three more days till Friday!

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Wrapping it up!

April 27, 2009 at 5:29 pm (Daily Ramblings)

Here is my weekend in a tiny little undisturbed nutshell!

Friday: Got home from work, M. literally walked in a minute behind me! I was all:

“Are you here in human form at 6:21 in the evening time on a Friday, pay day no less”

“Yes, I’m here, what the Frick (mind you he used the real word) are you talking about?”

“I can’t recall the last time you’ve ever been home on time? Wait there has absolutely NEVER been a time you’ve gotten home on time, are you sure you’re home for good you don’t have to go back to the shop to finish, screw, or wire something?”

“Nope, I’m here for good…and we have to go pick up Ma. (Friend) and E. (Friend’s wife) and go to Ma.’s birthday party”

“Ok jump in a shower NOW!”

After that he mumbled under his breath about my OCD tendencies and ate a couple of cheese sticks and finally went into a shower. We went to Ma. birthday party and I felt a little out of place…oh well M. had fun and we got out for the night!

Saturday: M. had to work…I tried to sway him through my childlike mature reasoning “DAMN IT, I thought you weren’t working, you said you weren’t working, why are you working?”  I watched a movie(bride wars) and then I had to go get my bridesmaid dress fitted for my sister’s wedding in August, that was an experience all in itself! M. was home when I got done at my fitting and we ran some errunds and got all funky with ourselves and we were an hour late returning my movie! But it so has it we are in good with our video rental lady so we weren’t reprimanded too hard! HAH! Did I mention it was HOT AS HADIES, and I prefer winter!

Sunday: Again another freacking scorcher! We planted flowers, I attempted to make a tropical fruit sangria, added to much alcohol and couldn’t even finish my first glass (my first attempt at my own alcoholic beverage, me=0 drinks=1)! We let our kitten run around on the enclosed porch while I damned the sun for spitting so much of her heat on to the ONE spot we plant flowers! Then I realized that I have to deal with at least 3-4 more months of this weather! BLAH! I internally shuddered and went to find the nearest fan! M. and I made eggplant parmesan(recipe to follow shortly) and we relaxed and watched TV. THE END!

Only Monday…4 1/2 more days of work! CRAP!

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Just another day in my life…

April 24, 2009 at 7:02 pm (Daily Ramblings)

I woke up this morning in a relatively good mood!? I know crazy! So I jumped in a quick shower, planned what I was going to wear as I was cleaning all of my 2000 parts. Dumped the laundary bag full of CLEAN clothes and found my shirt and pants and got dressed. I was excited to just wear the shirt without a jacket over it because it is going to be warm today! I gave myself a once over and saw a HOLE in my right sleeve! Of course…I’ve forgotten to mention the fact that my lovely kitten likes to climb our clothes to go in the ceiling! Yes I said CEILING! The ONE spot in our ceiling that isn’t covered (the whole apartment has been upgraded so the spot wasn’t finished) and he has found his way up there every day since the day we brought him home at eight weeks old! At first it was cute, and it’s always funny to see him in the ceiling looking down at you…not so cute when you’ve had to throw away four pieces of clothing becasue of holes in them!!

M. has gotten home really late like 9:30 late twice this week…so he is going to buy me some new clothes! I know it sounds like I bribed him, but I didn’t, he offered! Love him! So I am stuck at work all day on this BEAUTIFUL day! Thank goodness it is supposed to be nice all weekend! Happy Friday ALL!

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Another Dinner At My House!

April 22, 2009 at 9:47 pm (Dinner at My House)

Tonight we are having Kielbasa and SourKraut!! You can add potatoes and that tastes awesome but we started a diet so we aren’t having potatoes with ours!

Fry the Kielbasa and SourKraut and serve!! That easy, if you make potatoes with them then cut and peel (or leave the skin I’m versatile!) and fry first then add the kielbasa and sourkraut!

I know I astound you with my talent as a chef! I promise I am self-taught, I know you’re jealous! HAH!

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April 22, 2009 at 8:30 pm (Daily Ramblings)

I wasn’t going to post today…but I thought that I would update to let everyone know how my workout went this morning!! Woke up at 4:10 got to the gym at 5:10 worked out till 6:15, almost killed myself on a chin up thingy machine (yes that is the technical term) and came home to shower and go to work…I left work early so I didn’t have to deal with traffic tonight, thank God! I’m so effing sore I think I might just sit here all night and not move…I don’t know M. might not like that since thats pretty much what I did last night! HAHA!

Tomorrow is Thursday…one day away from Friday! HOLLA!

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Did you know that…

April 21, 2009 at 7:31 pm (Daily Ramblings)

I have been up since 4:25 a.m. of my own volition! Yes, that is me the glutton for punishment! Since I moved to New York I have steadily gained weight with my venture into birth control and horrible back problems that have yet to be resolved! I have gained so much weight that I don’t recognize myself in the mirror any longer, I dieted for a good 6 months and lost maybe 6 pounds…and gave up. So I am back at it again thanks to a couple of friends that are amazingly inspirational and I am glad they are helping me!

So in order for all of us to go to the gym in the morning and make it back before our significant others wake up or go to work we leave at 4:45 to get to the gym around 5:00-5:10 they go tanning (I will once I lose weight) then we work out for an hour to about 6:15-6:20. I get home by 6:45 in enough time for a quick shower, wake up M., and leave my house by 7:30  to make it to work on time! I thought I would be more tired this morning but I wasn’t, it has just now hit me that I am lagging a little this afternoon. My co-worker walked past me while I was making copies and said something funny (or supposed to be, I’m not sure) and I giggled smiled and said “yea.” Hell if I know I could have just sold my first born to him for $1 but I couldn’t register what he had said to me! Oh well I love the energy I get from going to the gym…so this week will be rough (three days a week at 4:20 am) but I will get into a routine and make myself follow a strict regimen so I can become the person I’ve been missing for awhile!

Happy Tuesday…almost Wednesday not close enough to Friday!

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Weekend wrap-up

April 20, 2009 at 5:48 pm (Daily Ramblings)

Friday: As I posted before was the surprise that was taken back! It was roses spread out on our bed in the shape of a heart. To some it may be cliche but for me it was so beautiful and loving because he didn’t have to! We went to dinner at Applebees where I didn’t order soda (1 for me 0 for my waistline). Then we went to blockbuster to return our movies from last week (Marley and Me, Something Christina, Barcelona and two of his movies) Don’t let your children watch Marley and Me, M. and I couldn’t keep ourselves together for most of the day we watched it. Back to my Friday. We picked up a movie for him (W., I didn’t want to see it but hey it’s his pick) and then Changeling for me!

Saturday: M. had to work from 8-12 (“No later then 12 babe, I promise!”) I put on my movie and stopped and started it as I saw fit to clean our apartment. Then 12:15 rolls around, still no M., I sign on to Facebook and talk about the joy of being a mechanics wife to M.’s bosses wife! Then Mel graced me with his presence around 12:45 he showered and we went to do laundary, pay some bills, and do a little shopping.

Sunday: I woke up in a rare mood, I miss my family terribly and when I get into a funk I apologize to anyone in a 10-mile radius that has the unfortunate fate of coming into contact with me. M. and I started our diet, officially, we had bagels for breakfast and no carbs the rest of the day. He worked on his car at the shop and I watched another movie that he wouldn’t otherwise watch with me. I met up with him at the shop:

“10 minutes and I’ll be done for the day and we can go to the store.”

1-hour later we were in our grocery store picking up last minute things for the week. M.’s brother came down from the city so we hung out with him for a few minutes and grabbed a late lunch (salads with grilled chicken). We were then so full that we didn’t eat dinner later, M. cleaned his car and mine (love him!) and I sat on the porch with a great book, Jodi Picoult Harvesting the Heart, with hot tea and let our kitten Chevy run around on the enclosed porch!! We came in and didn’t put the laundary away or clean our turtles tank and went to bed early! We are rebels but we had a great weekend, I hope everyone elses went well too!!

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