Sick Day…

March 27, 2009 at 12:52 pm (Daily Ramblings)

Today I am staying home sick from work…I am beyond tired and can’t wait to rest and then hopefully have a good weekend! I get to spend the day with my “kids” who at this point in my life is our kitten (Chevy) and our turtle (Izzie). Can you tell my fiance is into Chevrolets??

He owns a 86′ Camaro that he is constantly working on…but this time he is converting it to 6-speed and updating a bunch of stuff, including the exhaust and headers that I bought him for Christmas! I must be a good wife to spoil him so! I call myself his wife becasue that is how he refers to me, even though we have over a year before our wedding! This is his Camaro, and is fun to ride in! I also got to drive it a couple of times, and I must say the speed is addicting! Now that he is converting it to 6-speed I won’t be able to drive it, unless I learn how to drive manual!!  This is his "other" love!

This is his “other” love!

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