Construction and Road Rage

March 26, 2009 at 8:08 pm (Daily Ramblings)

As an occupant of New York that must use various roadways to go about my daily business, I am always surrounded by someone with road rage. And usually not just the “finger” but the tailgaiting and various other forms of rude behavior in a vehicle. When I first moved here I was deathly afraid to drive. I thought as soon as New York residents heard that someone from Fremont, Nebraska was driving on their roadways that they would systematically run me off the road. This did not happen, and I became accostomed to driving in this great state. I landed a job that is close to the city, 1 hour and 15 minute commute each way, that brought me to almost the heart of the traffic beast! I slowly learned to navigate and to speed like a true New Yorker….along with this New York driving knowledge came unbelievable road rage! Even M. (my fiance) gets upset at my road rage. I am terrible, and if you are in my way look out.

I now wonder when I go and visit home again will I be a New Yorker visiting, or will my driving become more relaxed and I will be a normal driver again?

And good old contsruction! UGH! They just finished a section of the highway that I frequent a couple of months ago, and while my commute was better, New York state decided it would be best to screw with my commute. So they started road work at the very exit I get on and off the highway! LOVELY! So now I have to go through town on back-roads so I dont’ have to sit in traffic for 30 minutes and the road rage beast will not be unleashed! Please pray for my sanity as I drive daily!!

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